PREVIEW: Savage Wolverine #6
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PREVIEW: Savage Wolverine #6

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Savage Wolverine is a series in which everyone’s favourite Canadian hero teams up with a number of Marvel’s greatest characters for a self-contained story. With issue #6 comes a new story and new creative team with writer Zeb Wells and fan favourite artist Joe “Mad” Madureira taking the reigns.

In this story, that will run through issues #6-#8, we will see Wolverine teaming up with Spider-Man and Elektra for a story where there are no rules. What makes a team-up story like this so great is that you get to see characters team-up with each other that may not usually team-up and see how they interact with each other. Will they be able to combine their unique skills to fight a foe? Or will they not get along?

Issue #6 is a great jumping-on point for this series as you do not need to have read any previous issues of Savage Wolverine. Not only will it be by a great creative team but it will be a self-contained story which will not rely on the reader to read other stories.

Savage Wolverine #6 is out June 12th in all good comic book stores and digitally.

Savage Wolverine #6 cover by Joe Madureira. Marvel Comics
Savage Wolverine #6 Humberto Ramos variant cover. Marvel Comics
Savage Wolverine #6 variant cover
Savage Wolverine #6 preview page 1
Savage Wolverine #6 preview page 2
Savage Wolverine #6 preview page 3
Savage Wolverine #6 preview page 4

Take a look at the covers for this series along with a preview of the issue. The final two pages of the preview are a two-page spread and should be treated as if they are one page.
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