Why You Should Have A Pull List.

Why You Should Have A Pull List

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A pull list is an agreement for reservation of particular comic books each month between a customer and the retailer. It’s a helpful system as it creates a means for all comics you read regularly to be reserved so you will not miss out on any issues. Retailers favour this system as it helps them order a more accurate number of copies for each title, so they’re not ordering blindly and potentially left with copies they cannot sell. I believe that if you are invested in an ongoing or mini-series that you should have a pull list as it has its many advantages which will be discussed further.

I personally take advantage of a pull list as I find it easier to keep track of the comics I’m reading in a way that means I won’t miss out. It creates a level of convenience that makes purchasing all the comics that I enjoy to read easy and hassle-free. Also, my local retailer knows what I like reading so on occasion they’ll chuck in a series into my pull list that he thinks I might like, which has worked out well as I’ve discovered some great comics that I might have missed out on otherwise.

If you are unsure if a pull list is for you then you should check out the advantages and disadvantages of this helpful system.

Advantages of a Pull List

  • You won’t miss out on any the popular titles. You don’t want to miss out because your favourite comic sold out.
  • If you are a bit forgetful, having your titles reserved for you means that you will not forget to pick it up.
  • It helps the retailer know how many copies of a title they should order each month, especially on less popular titles.
  • Some retailers will offer discounts for those who have pull list. Discounts will vary from store to stores and may depend on how many comics are on your pull list.
  • You wont miss out on the comics you read regularly if you can’t make it into the store every week.
  • Often this applies to not only single issues but also collected editions and collectables,  although this will vary store to store.
  • If a title you are regularly reading is involved in a crossover with another title clever retailers will reserve you a copy of the additional title.
  • Additionally, if your retailer knows you well enough they might add titles for you that they believe you might enjoy or might not realise exist.

Disadvantages of a Pull List

  • If you are not committed to a particular series then a pull list might not be useful.
  • Some stores might require a minimum amount of titles before you are able to qualify for a pull list.
  • Some stores will clear out the comics that have been reserved after a certain period of time if they have not been collected. Although this can be avoided by making an arrangement with your retailer of choice or letting them know you might not be able to make it into the store for a while.
  • A very select amount of retailers will charge a fee for the service. This is rare but I’ve heard of it happening.

As you can see, the positives outweigh the negatives significantly when it comes to having a pull list at your local comic book store. So I highly recommend that if you purchase comics on a regular basis that you should arrange one with your local retailer. It’ll make your comic purchasing much easier and not only will it mean you will not miss out on all of your favourites it will help your retailer make a more accurate number of what they should be ordering every month.

Do you have a pull list? Let me know why or why not in the comments below.


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  • I love this option at my local comic book store! So much easier and I never miss my favorites (also frees up more shopping time)! The guys also put event flyers in so you know what’s happening at the store and around the area 🙂 it’s great!

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