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It is often discussed that comics are not the easiest of entertainment mediums to get into. Some characters have series that span hundreds of issues, while some stories bounce off or even continue in, sometimes multiple, series. Publishers like Marvel and DC have vast universes and to those new to comic books this can be daunting to figure out where to begin.

Also in my personal opinion, I believe that comic book publishers are not doing their part in promoting their comics outside the regular comic buying community. They are focusing too much time on preaching to the converted when they should be focusing on trying to expand their audience. I am not saying that the comic book industry should alienate their existing followers but with the amount of money that Marvel (who is owned by Disney) and DC Comics (who is owned by Warner Bros.) you’d think that it could be very easy.

This is where How to Love Comics steps in. This blog, and the pdf guide that will be eventually accompany, aims helping those new to the medium enter these vast universes with ease and learn to enjoy comic books. This will be done through an extremely large list of recommendations from not just from Marvel and DC but from any publisher that it is putting out content that I believe people should be reading. This will be done by recommending series, storylines and even preferred reading orders. Hopefully this will not only create a gateway for new readers into comic books but also aide lapsed readers and those currently reading comics to find new things to read, maybe even expand their horizons.

I will try my hardest to make sure all recommendations are easily available in multiple of the following…

  • Collected in trade paperback/hardcover and still in print and can be purchased at your local comic book store or the large online book chains.
  • Available digitally through Comixology.
  • The back issues are inexpensive/easy to find on eBay.
  • Or in regards to new releases, that should be easy enough to find.

Although my main focus will be on the first two.

Along with recommendations of what to read and where to start, the pdf guide will include other great complementary information including how to store comics, where to buy your comics, print vs digital, where to find all your comic book news/reviews, convention etiquette and many other helpful topics for comic readers of all experience.

Often much of the information that appears on this blog will end up in the pdf guide. Although many of the articles will be expanded on for the guide and their will be a vast array of additional content made for the guide. Having it in an interactive pdf format allows for readers to carry it around on their phones, take with them to the comic book store or conventions and share it easily with others.

Come back soon in the near future to see some exciting new things coming from this blog,  that I hope will help you learn how to love comics.

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