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8 Doctor Strange Stories You Should Read

With Doctor Strange hitting the big screen later this week, you might be curious as to what Doctor Strange comic book stories you should read. To feed that curiosity I’ve put together this list of 8 Doctor Strange stories you should read. The result is a collection of stories that range from some of his earliest up until his current adventures with many more sprinkled in between.

4 Fantastic Four Creative Runs You Should Read

While the latest Fantastic Four movie might a bit of a dud, these four fantastic (pun intended) comic book runs on the team will hopefully show that The Fantastic Four is better than the sum of a lousy movies or three.

Avengers #1 cover by Jack Kirby.

9 Avengers Stories You Should Read

The Avengers have had some really great stories throughout the decades, with top-tier artists and writers doing some of their best work with the team. Inside are 9 Avengers stories that you should read, all of which are held in high regards and are fan favourites. I’ve tried to include a mixture of newer and older stories to get a taste of the Avengers in different periods of the team’s history.

Who are the Inhumans?

With a movie announced as part Marvel Studio’s Phase 3 there are plenty of people who are asking “who are the Inhumans?” Though this guide you will be enlightened on everything you need to know about the Inhumans including major characters, concepts and reading recommendations.

Amazing Spider-Man #33 by Steve Ditko

14 Spider-Man Stories You Should Read

If you are looking for a great Spidey read here are 14 classic Spider-Man stories that you should swing into. This list consists of stories spread out of the 5 decades of Spider-Man’s publication history, with plenty of fan favourites.

Thor #1 by Olivier Coipel. The Thor Comics You Should Read.

5 Thor Comics You Should Read

If you have ever wanted to read Thor then here are the comics you should read. This list includes stories for a variety of decades that should please those interested in Thor.