Secret Wars

Old Man Logan Reading Order Guide

In 2008 Mark Millar, Steve McNiven and Marvel introduced the world to a very different version of Wolverine, the one of the distant (and alternate) future. With this version inspiring the upcoming ‘Logan’ film I have put together a reading order for this aged version of Marvel’s favourite mutant.

The 10 Best Comics of 2015 According to the Readers.

The 10 Best Comics of 2015 According to the Readers

Throughout December I asked the How to Love Comics Community to vote for the comics and graphic novels that they loved in 2015. Many of you voted and as a result there were more than 120 different comics voted for. Continue reading to find what made the top 10.

Secret Wars #1 cover by Alex Ross.

Secret Wars Reading Guide

The Secret Wars Reading Order Guide is a guide to Marvel’s big event, listing all of the tie-ins as well as the creators and months of release for each issue. This list will be updated regularly as new information and issues come to light.