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REVIEW: The Transformers Phase One Omnibus

With yet another Transformers movie hitting the big screen this week, there’s never been a better time to dive into some Transformers comics. So I decided to pick up the Transformers Phase One Omnibus off the shelf, sitting unread for waaaaay too long, and give it a review.

This Month’s Saga #43 Is A 25 Cent Jumping-On Point

Writer Brian K Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples will be releasing a special jumping-on issue which will hopefully get people hooked on this wonderful series like so many others have been. Even better, they’re selling this issue for a steal.

Barrage by Kouhei Horikoshi.

How to Love Manga: Barrage

Learn about the author of My Hero Academia and how his second ever published manga made such a big impact in the west. Barrage tells the tale of an orphan becoming a prince through happenstance and must save his world. Though the manga was a failure, it still holds value for fans of unique art and author Kouhei Horikoshi.

Valiant's 4001 A.D. Reading Order Guide.

Valiant’s 4001 AD Reading Order Guide

As comic events can sometimes be a bit confusing, I’ve created the 4001 A.D. Reading Order Guide. This handy guide not only gives you a reading order but also lists the creative teams, release dates and tie-ins involved for this futuristic event.

The Beauty

INTERVIEW: Jeremy Haun Talks About “The Beauty” We All Want

I caught up with co-writer and artist Jeremy Haun about The Beauty – a comic series set in a world where beauty is an STD everyone wants, but with a horrible consequence – to find out a bit more about it. I also asked him about the process of creating the comic and an interesting piece of marketing for the series.

Your Reading Order Guide to Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers

If you have heard good things about Jonathan Hickman’s run on Avengers/New Avengers but didn’t know where to start here’s a handy reading order guide. This is a great run for anyone who is looking for Avengers to read before the upcoming movie or for those who are looking for a lead up to Secret Wars.

Universe! #1 review

REVIEW: Universe! #1 by Albert Monteys and Panel Syndicate

Panel Syndicate has been a outlet for Brian K Vaughan and Marcos Martin to release digital comics at a “pay what you want” price, but this week sees them open the site to other creators. The first to join is cartoonist Albert Monteys, who has crafted a great science fiction time travel story in Universe! #1. Read a review inside.

ODY-C Prologue cover by Christian Ward. Image Comics.

The Prologue for ODY-C by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward Looks Amazing

ODY-C has been slowly become one of the most anticipated and cosmicly surreal series coming out of Image Comics. Written by Matt Fraction (Hawkeye, Sex Criminals) and art by Christian Ward (Infinite Vacation), ODY-C is a psychedelic, gender-bent, science fiction adaptation of Homer’s The Odyssey. Recently a prologue for this issue was made available online and it is pretty amazing. Click to read it here.