Roger Stern

8 Doctor Strange Stories You Should Read

With Doctor Strange hitting the big screen later this week, you might be curious as to what Doctor Strange comic book stories you should read. To feed that curiosity I’ve put together this list of 8 Doctor Strange stories you should read. The result is a collection of stories that range from some of his earliest up until his current adventures with many more sprinkled in between.

Mini Review Round Up: July Edition

Every month I like to do a compilation of mini reviews for comics that are new reader friendly. This July we see a wide range of comics featured including odd crossovers, rebooted teenagers, Canada at war with the US, wild west heroes, 90s nostalgia, TV talk show antics and much more.

Avengers #1 cover by Jack Kirby.

9 Avengers Stories You Should Read

The Avengers have had some really great stories throughout the decades, with top-tier artists and writers doing some of their best work with the team. Inside are 9 Avengers stories that you should read, all of which are held in high regards and are fan favourites. I’ve tried to include a mixture of newer and older stories to get a taste of the Avengers in different periods of the team’s history.

Spider-Verse by Gabriele Dell'Otto. Spider-Man. Marvel.

Spider-Man: Spider-Verse Reading Order Checklist

Spider-Verse is a huge Spider-Man event which will include every version of Spider-Man as possible in the one big story. Featuring many different tie-ins, I have created a Spider-Verse reading order checklist so you can keep track of the entire story. Additionally, I have included all the release dates and creative teams.

10 Captain America Stories You Should Read

If you are looking for a great Captain America story then you would be in luck, these are the 10 Captain America stories you should read. A great mixture of stories throughout the decades, both critically acclaimed and fan favourites.