Marvel jumping on points

22 Marvel Jumping On Points For November 2016

To save some confusion I’ve collated 22 comics that are great places to start reading Marvel in November 2016. Read on to discover which comics you can jump into this month and learn to love the Marvel Universe.

24 Marvel Jumping On Points For October 2016

This month we see a slew of new series, jumping on points for comics that have been running for a little while and even a classic 1970’s reprint. Read on to find out which Marvel comics are new reader friendly in October.

13 Marvel Jumping On Points For April 2016.

13 Marvel Jumping On Points For April 2016

One of the most common questions I get on this site is “where is a good place to start reading Marvel?” With so many comics coming out each week, month and year it’s a pretty valid question to ask. So to help answer this question I thought I would put together a brand new monthly column that helps answer that question, taking advantage of the many jumping on points and new series Marvel puts out every month.