Guardians of the Galaxy

REVIEW: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1: Cosmic Avengers

Through big action, character moments, humour and even politics, Brian Michael Bendis and an array of wonderful artists give the series a solid start. Working as a great introduction to the team and its members, this release is a great place to start for those interested in this galactic team.

PREVIEW: Rocket Raccoon #1 by Scottie Young

Written and illustrated by the wonderful Skottie Young, Rocket Raccoon #1 looks like it will be a fun series that will be full of action and humour. For anyone excited for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie this will be a great introduction to the character. Take a look at the covers, as well as a 4-page preview inside.

“The Trial of Jean Grey” Reading Order Checklist

Crossovers can be confusing. That’s why we have made a reading order checklist for The Trial of Jean Grey – the All-New X-Men/Guardians of the Galaxy crossover. Say goodbye to crossover confusion and hello to cosmic mutant action.