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Dark Nights: Metal Reading Order Checklist

Big events, especially ones with lots of tie-ins can be confusing to new readers and veterans alike. To help make things simple I’ve put together the┬áDark Nights: Metal Reading Order Checklist which has all the details you need to enjoy this comic event without worry.

The 10 Best Comics of 2015 According to the Readers.

The 10 Best Comics of 2015 According to the Readers

Throughout December I asked the How to Love Comics Community to vote for the comics and graphic novels that they loved in 2015. Many of you voted and as a result there were more than 120 different comics voted for. Continue reading to find what made the top 10.

Best Comics of 2014 - How to Love Comics.

The 10 Best Comics of 2014 According to the Readers

To celebrate what was a huge year in comics we had asked the How to Love Community of readers to let us know what comics they loved in 2014. In this article you will find the top 10 titles most voted for by the readers, which includes plenty of variety in storytelling, publishers, creators, art styles and genre. With this much variety it’s proof that it has never been a better time to be a reader. Did your favourites make the list?

Batman #2 panel by Greg Capullo. New 52 Batman.

Artist of the Week #7: Batman Week Edition

For Batman Week I have decided to have all Batman edition, featuring some of the amazing artists that have worked the Dark Knight. All of these Batman artists have contributed the character in one way or another, pushing him forward and adding their own personal touch. As normal, I will include reading recommendations so you can go on to read these artist work on Batman.

Batman #21

PREVIEW: Batman #21: Year Zero

Batman #21 kicks off the year long storyline, Year Zero. Year Zero will retell Batman’s origins in the New 52 in a way that has not been told before while still staying true to the character. Take a look at this preview to find out more.