Grant Morrison

10 Justice League Stories You Should Read

If you’re looking for some awesome Justice League comics to read you can’t go past this list of classic stories. In it are some of the best tales from the earliest days of the team to more recent times, and plenty in between.

Flex Mentallo HC cover by Frank Quitely.

Artist of the Week #4: Frank Quitely

For the 4th edition of Artist of the Week I feature the artist Frank Quitely. Best known for his work with writer Grant Morrison, Quitely has worked on a variety of projects including All-Star Superman, We3, Flex Mentello and New X-Men. Take a look at a gallery of his work, as well some reading recommendation inside.

Joe the Barbarian #4 cover by Sean Murphy. Colours by Dave Stewart

Artist of the Week #1: Sean Murphy

From his creator owned to his work for hire projects, Sean Murphy has been creating dynamic and beautifully detailed art. This is why he is How to Love Comics’ very first artist of the week. Take a look at some of his fantastic artwork as well as recommendations so you can check out more of his art.

Action comics Whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow

13 Superman Stories You Should Read

As it’s the 75th Anniversary of Superman this year and with the upcoming release of Man of Steel it is time to shine the spotlight on the Superman Stories you should read. Many classic stories from a variety of creators and eras.