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10 Justice League Stories You Should Read

If you’re looking for some awesome Justice League comics to read you can’t go past this list of classic stories. In it are some of the best tales from the earliest days of the team to more recent times, and plenty in between.

Everything You Need To Know About DC Comics’ Doomsday Clock

A year and a half ago, DC Comics hinted that characters from the seminal Watchmen had entered into the DC Universe. We’ll finally see the fruition of these hints in Doomsday Clock. Read on to find out more about this upcoming comic, including what it will be about, it’s inspiration and, what you need to read beforehand.

11 Comics You Should Read In May 2016.

11 Comics You Should Read In May 2016

Each month I like to showcase a batch of new comics that you should be reading. I try and make it varied, mixing up creative ideas, genres and different storytelling to create a list that will have something that will appeal to everyone. This month there is Saturday morning cartoon nostalgia, big superhero events, bounty hunters and much more.

The 10 Best Comics of 2015 According to the Readers.

The 10 Best Comics of 2015 According to the Readers

Throughout December I asked the How to Love Comics Community to vote for the comics and graphic novels that they loved in 2015. Many of you voted and as a result there were more than 120 different comics voted for. Continue reading to find what made the top 10.

Justice League: Darkseid War Reading Order Checklist.

Justice League: Darkseid War Reading Order Checklist

To take out the confusion out Justice League’s current epic, The Darkseid War, I have created a reading order checklist which contains not only the reading order but other details including creator credits and release dates.

Artist of the Week #12: John Romita Jr.

This week’s Artist of the Week is Mr Marvel himself, John Romita Jr. Over the past few decades he has worked on almost every Marvel character and is now working on Superman over at DC Comic. Take a look at a gallery and reading recommendations inside.

Black Arrow Comics You Should Read.

Black Canary, Old and New: Six Books You Should Read

Dinah Lance is a rock star in Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu’s new BLACK CANARY ongoing series! She’s been a Justice League founder, a Bird of Prey, Oliver Queen’s wife, and possibly the best martial artist in all of the DCU. Here’s six more great Black Canary books worth checking out!

Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever HC cover by Juan Ortiz.

7 Graphic Novels You Should Read in January 2015

In this list, comprising of original graphic novels and collections, we have a variety of different genres represented. There should be something for everyone including science fiction, crime, manga, fantasy, superhero and we even get a little biblical.

Aquaman #1 cover by Ivan Reis and Jo Prado. New 52

Who Said Aquaman Isn’t Cool?

There is a general consensus from the non-comic reading community that Aquaman is “uncool”, that he is “lame”. I believe that the Super Friends ruined his image and since then that interpretation has been the one that has stuck in people’s minds. I am here to inform you that not only are those who think the character is “lame” but that he is actually a pretty bad-ass.