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Valiant's 4001 A.D. Reading Order Guide.

Valiant’s 4001 AD Reading Order Guide

As comic events can sometimes be a bit confusing, I’ve created the 4001 A.D. Reading Order Guide. This handy guide not only gives you a reading order but also lists the creative teams, release dates and tie-ins involved for this futuristic event.

Howtoons: (Re)Igintion #2 cover by Tom Fowler.

INTERVIEW: Talking Howtoons: (Re)Ignition with Fred Van Lente

When Celine and Tucker wake up to find that their parents are missing they must use all their DIY know-how to find them in this strange new world, ravaged by a ecological disaster. I had a chat with Howtoons: (Re)Ignition writer Fred Van Lente about this miniseries including how he got involved and how DIY science projects will be incorporated into this all-ages narrative.

Amazing Spider-Man #33 by Steve Ditko

14 Spider-Man Stories You Should Read

If you are looking for a great Spidey read here are 14 classic Spider-Man stories that you should swing into. This list consists of stories spread out of the 5 decades of Spider-Man’s publication history, with plenty of fan favourites.

Starlight #1 cover by Goran Parlov. Image Comics. Mark Millar

13 New Comic Series to Look Out For in March 2014

Almost every week there is a new comic book series released that is dying for your attention on the racks. I take a look at what is coming up in March 2014 and have spotlighted 13 new comic series that I believe should get your attention this month.