David Michelinie

Avengers #1 cover by Jack Kirby.

9 Avengers Stories You Should Read

The Avengers have had some really great stories throughout the decades, with top-tier artists and writers doing some of their best work with the team. Inside are 9 Avengers stories that you should read, all of which are held in high regards and are fan favourites. I’ve tried to include a mixture of newer and older stories to get a taste of the Avengers in different periods of the team’s history.

Amazing Spider-Man #33 by Steve Ditko

14 Spider-Man Stories You Should Read

If you are looking for a great Spidey read here are 14 classic Spider-Man stories that you should swing into. This list consists of stories spread out of the 5 decades of Spider-Man’s publication history, with plenty of fan favourites.

Iron Man #1 cover by Adi Granov. Extremis.

5 Iron Man Stories You Should Read

If you are unable to wait for Iron Man 3 and crave some Iron Man action then here are 5 Iron Man stories that I recommend you should read. 5 fan favourites along with some recommended reading if you want you want even more.