Monsters Unleashed Reading Order Guide

As stories with heaps of tie-ins can be confusing, I’ve put together a handy Monsters Unleashed Reading Order Guide with everything you need to know. Not only does it contain the reading order but also a list of tie-ins, release dates and creative teams too.

If You’re Ever In Kyoto You Must Visit The Kyoto International Manga Museum

Instead of discussing a particular comic story or series I’m going to talk about a special building – The Kyoto International Manga Museum. If you’re ever in Kyoto, a wonderful city which shows the best of old Japan, then you need to do yourself a favour and visit it. That’s exactly what I did back in mid-December while travelling around Japan. You won’t regret it.

Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad Reading Order Checklist

Comic book crossover events can be intimidating or downright confusing if you’re new to comics. Luckily, I’ve put together the Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad Reading Order Checklist which takes the confusion so you can get down to reading. In it, I list not only the recommended reading order but also the tie-ins involved, creators and release dates.

Inhumans Vs X-Men Reading Order Guide

If you haven’t been paying attention to the comic book news or solicitations crossover events such as this can be confusing to follow. To make reading easy I’ve put together the Inhumans Vs X-Men Reading Order Guide. This includes a list of all the issues involved, tie-ins, creative teams, release dates and more.

IKEA Comic Book Storage Solutions

IKEA, the Swedish furniture juggernaut, is known for its relationship testing labyrinth stores, meatballs and modernist flat-packed furniture. But did you know IKEA is a good alternative for comic book storage solutions? In this guide I point out some of the IKEA products you can use to store your comics.

Old Man Logan Reading Order Guide

In 2008 Mark Millar, Steve McNiven and Marvel introduced the world to a very different version of Wolverine, the one of the distant (and alternate) future. With this version inspiring the upcoming ‘Logan’ film I have put together a reading order for this aged version of Marvel’s favourite mutant.

22 Marvel Jumping On Points For November 2016

To save some confusion I’ve collated 22 comics that are great places to start reading Marvel in November 2016. Read on to discover which comics you can jump into this month and learn to love the Marvel Universe.

16 DC Comics Jumping On Points For November 2016

The first batch of the DC Rebirth comics have ended their launch cycle, but it’s not too late to start reading DC Comics! This month there are 16 awesome jumping on points including the start of new stories, special one-shots and even a few annuals too.

8 Doctor Strange Stories You Should Read

With Doctor Strange hitting the big screen later this week, you might be curious as to what Doctor Strange comic book stories you should read. To feed that curiosity I’ve put together this list of 8 Doctor Strange stories you should read. The result is a collection of stories that range from some of his earliest up until his current adventures with many more sprinkled in between.

How to Love Manga: Tokyo Ghoul

In a world where humanity is at war with flesh eating monsters known as ghouls, a young boy is about to be thrust into the middle. After almost being killed by the girl he likes when she turns out to be one of these ghouls, Kaneki is transformed into a half-ghoul using her organs and he must learn how to remain human while haunted by an unending hunger for flesh.