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Free Comic Book Day - FCBD

Free Comic Book Day is a special day, on Saturday the 3rd of May, in which retailers give away free comics in order to promote comic book reading. Most stores participate on the day and often hold events and sales to coincide with the giving of free comics. It is a fun day and you get to meet other passionate readers and like-minded people.

How to Love Comics has created a Free Comic Book Day directory, which features as many Free Comic Book Day events as possible. This allows you to find an event near you and find out what is going on. This is an ever-growing directory so check regularly for updates.

What are the free comics?

You can check out all the free comics available on the day over at the Free Comic Book Day website. Which comics will you be picking up? You can let me know on Facebook or Twitter.

Is this your first time?

If this is your first time then you might not sure what to expect or what to do. This comic strip is a helpful guide to what to do and what to expect on the day.

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