All the tips to make reading comics less confusing and more fun!

One Piece volume 1: Romance Dawn manga cover by Eiichiro Oda

The Manga Demographics Explained

I discuss the four distinct manga demographics – shonen, shojo, seinen and josei – pointing out the different characteristics in each. Additionally, I point readers in the direction of popular titles in each demographic.

The Simpsons. Comic Book Guy. Milhouse

How To Combat Comic Store Rudeness

If you have experienced comic store rudeness we have come up with a variety of ways in which you can combat the elitist gate-keeping, disinterest and general rudeness.

comic books bagged and board

Comic Book Storage Solutions

If you are new to comics you might not be sure how to store your comics in an efficient manner and even more seasoned collectors can find this a daunting task as their collection grows. This guide aims to create solutions so your collection can be stored in a manner that will be kept in great condition, while consuming less space.

Why You Should Have A Pull List.

Why You Should Have A Pull List

I go into why I believe people you should have a pull list to order your comics at your local comic book store, listing the advantages and disadvantages.