Image Comics

INTERVIEW: Jeremy Haun Talks About “The Beauty” We All Want

I caught up with co-writer and artist Jeremy Haun about The Beauty – a comic series set in a world where beauty is an STD everyone wants, but with a horrible consequence – to find out a bit more about it. I also asked him about the process of creating the comic and an interesting piece of marketing for the series.

FREE COMICS: The Beautifully Dark “Death Vigil” by Stjepan Sejic

Earlier in the month Stjepan Sejic put has put up his charming dark fantasy, Death Vigil, up online for free. The intention of doing so is to get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible in order to keep the series alive, and further than the originally intended 8 issues. From there there readers can decide if they enjoyed the series and pick it up digitally or when the trade paperback comes out in July. I’m here to tell you where you can find these free issues and, hopefully, in the process help you discover what could be your new favorite comic.

5 Reasons You Should Read The Wicked + The Divine

The Wicked + The Divine explores a world where gods are treated as pop stars, mostly through the eyes of teenage megafan, Laura. As series concludes its second arc, here are the five main reasons you should check it out!

Book Club: Let’s Talk About Sex Criminals Vol 1

Throughout March I have been asking, maybe pestering, people to read Sex Criminals vol 1: One Weird Trick so we could discuss it as part of the first ever How to Love Comics Book Club! It’s now the end of the month so let’s jump into the discussion.

REVIEW: Henshin by Ken Niimura

Special guest writer Frank Fuentes reviews the newly released manga, and often quirky, Henshin by Ken Niimura. Even if you’re not interested in manga, these stories have the same wide-reaching appeal and charm of a newspaper comic strip. Just like those Sunday “funnies”, Ken Niimura will fill your heart with the same warm “awe’s” and goofy laughter.

EARLY REVIEW: Secret Identities #1 – Every Superhero Has a Secret

What if heroes, although doing good in the public eye, had dark secrets in their other lives? And what if there was a mole in their team who could potentially discover these secrets to disastrous results? This is the premise of the new Image series Secret Identities by writers Brian Joines and Jay Faerber and artist Ilias Kyriazis. I had the chance to read the début issue early – here what I thought of it.

The Prologue for ODY-C by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward Looks Amazing

ODY-C has been slowly become one of the most anticipated and cosmicly surreal series coming out of Image Comics. Written by Matt Fraction (Hawkeye, Sex Criminals) and art by Christian Ward (Infinite Vacation), ODY-C is a psychedelic, gender-bent, science fiction adaptation of Homer’s The Odyssey. Recently a prologue for this issue was made available online and it is pretty amazing. Click to read it here.

PREVIEW: Copperhead #1 – A Science Fiction Western With Mystery

Transport yourself to the 24th century with Copperhead by writer Jay Faerber, artist Scott Godlewski and published by Image Comics. Copperhead is no ordinary science fiction series, mixing elements of western in a similar vein to Firefly. It is also one of mystery, not only with the female protagonist, Clara, but also with the community that surrounds her. Take a look at a preview of this new series inside.

PREVIEW: The Fade Out #1 by Superstar Creative Team Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

Drenched in hard-boiled noir over a backdrop of post-WWII Hollywood, The Fade Out is the new series by superstar creative team Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. Exploring the gritty side of Hollywood in the late 40s, this new crime series from Image Comics weaves an edge of your seat narrative that is set to be the teams’ most ambitious work to date. Take a look at a preview inside.

PREVIEW: Nightworld #1 by Adam McGovern and Paolo Leandri

Through horror, humour, tragic romance and action Nightworld follows the sad demon Plenilunio who makes a risky bargain in order to reconnect with lost love. Usually we are not meant to sympathise with demons, but through this four issue miniseries published by Image Comics this could easily be the case. Take a look at a preview inside.