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The 3 Best DC Comics Rebirth Relaunches

The DC Comics Rebirth is in full swing, and some titles have benefitted greatly from DC’s relaunch. These titles that are not only extremely fun reads, but major improvements over their predecessors.

Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad Reading Order Checklist

Comic book crossover events can be intimidating or downright confusing if you’re new to comics. Luckily, I’ve put together the Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad Reading Order Checklist which takes the confusion so you can get down to reading. In it, I list not only the recommended reading order but also the tie-ins involved, creators and release dates.

16 DC Comics Jumping On Points For November 2016

The first batch of the DC Rebirth comics have ended their launch cycle, but it’s not too late to start reading DC Comics! This month there are 16 awesome jumping on points including the start of new stories, special one-shots and even a few annuals too.

24 DC Comics Jumping On Points For October 2016

From brand new series launching out of the Young Animal imprint; series launching on the tail-end of the Rebirth initiative; a stack of new miniseries and new stories of current series, there are heaps of new places to start reading DC Comics in October. 24 places to be precise. Read on to find out which DC comics are new reader friendly in October.

Where Do I Start Reading Suicide Squad?

Whether you loved the movie and want to read more or hated it and want to see how it should be, you might be thinking to yourself “where do I start reading Suicide Squad comics?” Luckily with this guide I’ve taken out the guess work by offering a handful of fantastic places to start reading.

PREVIEW: Batman #1 Starts With A Bang

Written by Tom King and art by superstar artist David Finch, Batman #1 introduces us to a new hero in Gotham City. But is this new hero an ally of Batman’s or does he see Batman as part of the problem? Read on to find out more about this new reader friendly issue as well as read a sneak peek.

PREVIEW: Batman: Rebirth #1

Take a peek at the preview for Batman: Rebirth #1 which will sets up the new era of Batman and introduces new readers to Batman and his supporting cast.