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From Batman to Superman to Wonder Woman to The Flash and every DC character in between. Anything and everything DC Comics can be found in this category.

Milk Wars Reading Order Checklist

To help make sense of this crossover of imprints, which is structured as a batch of specials, I have put together the Milk Wars Reading Order Checklist. Not only does it contain the reading order for this event, but also the creative teams, release dates and recommended reading around this story.

‘Dark Knight, Dark City’ Is An Underrated Batman Classic

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to Batman. There are so many quality stories! Many of these get the recognition they deserve, but due to the sheer number some that slipped between the cracks. ‘Dark Night, Dark City’ is one and if you continue on you’ll soon see why you should read it.

The New Age Of DC Heroes: Everything You Need To Know

Spinning out of the massive Dark Nights: Metal, DC Comics have announced a brand new publishing initiative called ‘The New Age Of DC Heroes.’ But what is it? This guide will give you all the information that you need to know about it so you can jump right in and begin reading when it kicks off in January.

10 Justice League Stories You Should Read

If you’re looking for some awesome Justice League comics to read you can’t go past this list of classic stories. In it are some of the best tales from the earliest days of the team to more recent times, and plenty in between.

Everything You Need To Know About DC Comics’ Doomsday Clock

A year and a half ago, DC Comics hinted that characters from the seminal Watchmen had entered into the DC Universe. We’ll finally see the fruition of these hints in Doomsday Clock. Read on to find out more about this upcoming comic, including what it will be about, it’s inspiration and, what you need to read beforehand.

Celebrating Jack Kirby’s 100th Birthday With 100 Character Creations

To celebrate Jack Kirby’s 100th birthday I have put together a collection of Kirby art that features 100 different characters that he either created or co-created. From many of Marvel’s biggest superheroes, to war heroes, to dazzling sci-fi, to fantastical fantasy and massive monsters this list only scratches the surface of his imagination and artistic flair.

Dark Nights: Metal Reading Order Checklist

Big events, especially ones with lots of tie-ins can be confusing to new readers and veterans alike. To help make things simple I’ve put together the┬áDark Nights: Metal Reading Order Checklist which has all the details you need to enjoy this comic event without worry.

Injustice Comic Book Reading Order Guide

If you’ve played the Injustice games and want to check out the comics then the Injustice Comic Book Reading Order Guide is for you. Not only does it give the reading order for each series, but also details the different way these comics can be read.

The Lazarus Contract Reading Order Checklist

Sometimes comic book crossovers can be confusing. Luckily, The Lazarus Contract Reading Order Checklist is here to make things clearer! Not only does it give the recommended order to read this story, but also release dates and creative teams.

Batman/The Flash: The Button Reading Order Checklist

As comic book crossovers can be puzzling for new readers, I have put together Batman/The Flash: The Button Reading Order Checklist. This handy reading order checklist is your guide to this crossover, with not only the reading order but creator credits, background reading, release dates and more.

Superman: Reborn Reading Order Checklist

Crossovers can be confusing. That’s why I have created the Superman: Reborn Reading Order Checklist, which makes reading this crossover a breeze. As well as including the reading order I have included release dates, creative teams and a list of comics which spin-out of the conclusion of this crossover.