Author: Trevor Van As

Superman: Reborn Reading Order Checklist

Crossovers can be confusing. That’s why I have created the Superman: Reborn Reading Order Checklist, which makes reading this crossover a breeze. As well as including the reading order I have included release dates, creative teams and a list of comics which spin-out of the conclusion of this crossover.

26 DC Comics Jumping On Points For February 2017

The DC Rebirth comics continues, but it’s never too late to start reading DC Comics! This month there are heaps of awesome jumping on points including the start of new stories, new series and a batch of all-ages comics too.

The Kamandi Challenge Reading Guide

Throughout 2017 DC Comics will be paying tribute to the great Jack Kirby with The Kamandi Challenge. This special miniseries, bursting with some of comics’ best creatives, will bring the long dormant Kamandi comic series back in a very interesting manner. So you can have everything in order I have created the The Kamandi Challenge Reading Guide. This simple guide gives you everything you need to know from release dates to creative teams and more.

Monsters Unleashed Reading Order Guide

As stories with heaps of tie-ins can be confusing, I’ve put together a handy Monsters Unleashed Reading Order Guide with everything you need to know. Not only does it contain the reading order but also a list of tie-ins, release dates and creative teams too.

If You’re Ever In Kyoto You Must Visit The Kyoto International Manga Museum

Instead of discussing a particular comic story or series I’m going to talk about a special building – The Kyoto International Manga Museum. If you’re ever in Kyoto, a wonderful city which shows the best of old Japan, then you need to do yourself a favour and visit it. That’s exactly what I did back in mid-December while travelling around Japan. You won’t regret it.

Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad Reading Order Checklist

Comic book crossover events can be intimidating or downright confusing if you’re new to comics. Luckily, I’ve put together the Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad Reading Order Checklist which takes the confusion so you can get down to reading. In it, I list not only the recommended reading order but also the tie-ins involved, creators and release dates.

Inhumans Vs X-Men Reading Order Guide

If you haven’t been paying attention to the comic book news or solicitations crossover events such as this can be confusing to follow. To make reading easy I’ve put together the Inhumans Vs X-Men Reading Order Guide. This includes a list of all the issues involved, tie-ins, creative teams, release dates and more.