Black Panther Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates Shows The Different Stages Of Making Comics


Black Panther Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates Shows The Different Stages Of Making Comics.

Over the weekend award-winning journalist and Black Panther writer Ta-Nehisi Coates took to Twitter to show his followers the different stages comics go through when they’re being made. Using a page of Black Panther #167 as an example, Coates showed his followers how the comic started as a script and then the stages that followed to get to the way to final product.

Coates highlights the contributions of this collaborators artist including Leonard Kirk, inker Marc Deering, colourist Laura Martin, editors Will Moss and Sarah Brunstad, and letterer Joe Sabino. By doing so he shows not just how comics are made but how collaborative they are too.

The whole thread is fascinating and if you’re a fan of going behind the scenes then it will be right up your alley.

You can see his deep-dive into the different stages below:

Black Panther #167 is available on November 22nd at all good comic book stores and digitally.

Black Panther is part of Marvel’s Marvel Legacy publishing initiative, which brings classic and newer characters to the forefront with brand new stories. You can find out more about Marvel Legacy here.

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