Everything You Need To Know About Marvel Legacy


Everything You Need To Know About Marvel Legacy.

Over the past few years Marvel has been in a bit of a holding pattern of the yearly relaunch. While it worked in the early days, it has become a practice which as seen less success the more it is done. So when Secret Empire wraps up in September, the publisher is trying something a little bit different.

Introducing Marvel Legacy, the new publishing intuitive which is set to honour the past, bring classic heroes to the forefront and kick off a new era of Marvel stories.

Marvel Legacy will be a great place to start reading Marvel Comics, whether you are a regular reader, lapsed or never touched a comic in your life.

If you don’t follow the comic book news or simply confused about what Marvel Legacy actually is, this handy guide will answer all of burning questions you have. It will be updated regularly when more information comes to light, especially in regards to the comics which are involved.

Is It A Relaunch or Reboot?


While Marvel has done many line-wide relaunches in the past, Marvel Legacy is more of a banner for their comics. Instead of taking all their comics back to issue #1 it will it will kick-off brand new stories for long-time and newer fans alike.

And it is definitely not a reboot. All of the history will still be there, but readers will not be required to have an encyclopedic level of knowledge going in.

Marvel Legacy promo art by Joe Quesada.

Marvel Legacy promo art by Joe Quesada.

How Does It Begin?

So, where is the best place to start reading Marvel Legacy? It all begins with a one-shot comic called Marvel Legacy #1, a whopping 50-page issue. Expect to see plenty of twists and turns as well as a few surprises along the way too.

Marvel has even hinted that on the final page we will see the return of some Marvel mythos that has been missing for a while. It sounds like it will be big because editor Tom Brevoort has suggested it will “break the Internet.” If it will or not is yet to be seen, but sounds like it will be big.

Along with some of our favourite heroes the one-shot will also feature the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC. that team will feature Odin and Agamotto as well as versions of Iron Fist, Black Panther, Ghost Rider, Phoenix, and Star Brand from that time period.

It’s a clean entry point for new and lapsed readers, with the story setting up future stories instead of servicing those that have happened beforehand. So if you’ve never read a Marvel comic in your life you will still be able to follow what’s going on.

The issue will be written by Jason Aaron with art by Esad Ribic and will have a massive four-panel fold-out cover by Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada.

Do I Need To Have Read Previous Marvel Comics To Understand It?


Marvel has stated that the Marvel Legacy one-shot will be new reader friendly and will prime you with everything you need to going forward. In addition to this, Marvel have also stated that the comics as part of Marvel Legacy will also be clean jumping-on points.

Marvel will also be including recap pages that act as a primer for those who are not overly familiar with what has been happening with the characters lately.

When Does It Begin?

Marvel Legacy kicks off with the one-shot of the same name in September with other comics coming in October.

Bringing Back Familiar Heroes, But Keeping The New

Over the past few years Marvel has elevated other characters into the mantle of their biggest characters. Jane Foster became Thor, with the original one being unworthy. Amadeus Cho became the Hulk, with Bruce Banner cured and then later dying. Similar things happened with other characters too, although, in most cases the original hung around with less focus.

As part of Marvel Legacy, the original characters you know and love will be returning in a big way. How? It’s not quite clear yet and will probably be different for each character.

However, That doesn’t mean the newer characters won’t disappear! They’ll still be around too. Marvel will just be juggling both versions of the character, which will appeal to different readers.

Marvel Legacy Promo Teaser - The World Outside Your Window.

Marvel Legacy Promo Teaser – The World Outside Your Window.

What Is Legacy Numbering?

In many reports, and even through Marvel, you’ll hear the term “Legacy Numbering” – but what does it actually mean?

It’s essentially the issue number that the comic would be on if hadn’t been renumbered in the past. Here’s Marvel’s maths on Deadpool as an example:

Publishers like Marvel and DC often use legacy number as a way of celebrating the past or honouring a milestone. For Marvel Legacy, it appears to be a commitment from the publisher move away from the relaunch habit they been in over the past few years and focus more on great stories.

Which Comics Will Be Renumbered?

Here are all the Marvel comics which will receive legacy numbering. I’ll add all of the relevant information about them when they’re revealed.

Amazing Spider-Man

Legacy Starting Issue: #789
Story Arc Name: Fall of Parker

Avengers #672 cover by Alex Ross. Marvel Legacy.

Avengers #672 cover by Alex Ross.


Written by Mark Waid. Art by Jesus Siaz.

Legacy Starting Issue: #672
Story Arc Name: Worlds Collide

Avengers kicks off the Legacy era with part 1 of Worlds Collide, a crossover with Champions. Will feature the villain The High Evolutionary who has set the two teams on a collision coarse with destruction.

Avengers #672 is available in October.

Black Panther

Legacy Starting Issue: #166
Story Arc Name: Klaw Stands Supreme


Legacy Starting Issue: #150
Story Arc Name: The Newer Mutants

Captain Marvel

Legacy Starting Issue:#125
Story Arc Name: Dark Origin


Legacy Starting Issue: #595
Story Arc Name: Mayor Fisk

The Despicable Deadpool #287 cover by David Lopez.

The Despicable Deadpool #287 cover by David Lopez.

Despicable Deadpool

Written by Gerry Duggan. Art by Scott Koblish.

Legacy Starting Issue:#287
Story Arc Name: Deadpool Kills Cable

When Deadpool was first introduced to the world he was definitely a villain, but Over the years he has transitioned into sort of a hero. For this jumping-on point he’s going back to his villainous roots. To prove to the world that he’s a villain again he’s going to try and kill his good friend Cable.

Despicable Deadpool #267 is available from October.

Doctor Strange

Legacy Starting Issue: #381
Story Arc Name: Loki: Sorcerer Supreme

Generation X

Legacy Starting Issue: #85
Story Arc Name: OG Gen X

Guardians of the Galaxy

Legacy Starting Issue: #146
Story Arc Name: Infinity Quest

Incredible Hulk #709 cover by Greg Land. Return to Planet Hulk.

Incredible Hulk #709 cover by Greg Land.

Incredible Hulk

Written by Greg Pak. Art by Greg Land.

Legacy Starting Issue: #709
Story Arc Name: Return to Planet Hulk

Marvel are taking readers back to Skaar, aka Planet Hulk, but this time with the Amadeus Cho version of the character. Amadeus receives a distress signal from the warrior planet and goes to investigate.

With elements of Planet Hulk making their way into the Thor: Ragnarok movie, it’s no surprise that we are revisiting this idea in the comics. Although, expect to see new corners of this world and a different angle on it.

You can read more about this story in this interview with Greg Pak on ComicBook.com.

Incredible Hulk #708 will be available from October.

Invincible Iron Man #593 cover by Adi Granov.

Invincible Iron Man #593 cover by Adi Granov.

Invincible Iron Man

Written by Brian Michael Bendis. Art by Stefano Caselli.

Legacy Starting Issue: #593
Story Arc Name: The Search For Tony Stark

Since the conclusion of Civil War II, Tony Stark has been in a coma with his legacy handed down to Riri Williams which has used his tech to become Ironheart. In this new jumping-on point Tony Stark has gone missing! Where is he? We don’t know, we’ll have to read to find out.

But in his absence there are a few people who want to take the mantle of Iron Man, but as the solicitations say, there can only be one!

Invincible Iron Man #593 is available from October.

Iron Fist

Legacy Starting Issue: #72
Story Arc Name: Sabretooth: Round Two

Luke Cage #166 cover by Rahazzah.

Luke Cage #166 cover by Rahazzah.

Luke Cage

Written by David F. Walker. Art by Nelson Blake.

Legacy Starting Issue: #166
Story Arc Name: Caged!

Carl Lucas went to prison for a crime he didn’t commit and came out as Luke Cage. Now Cage is back in prison, but who is responsible for it? This story will also explore his origins in greater detail than before and how it links to his future.

Luke Cage #166 is available from October.

The Mighty Thor

Legacy Starting Issue: #700
Story Arc Name: The Death of Mighty Thor

Moon Knight

Legacy Starting Issue: #188
Story Arc Name: Crazy Runs In The Family

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man

Legacy Starting Issue:#297
Story Arc Name: Most Wanted

The Punisher

Legacy Starting Issue: #218
Story Arc Name: Frank Castle: War Machine


Legacy Starting Issue: #159
Story Arc Name: Jen Walters Must Die


Legacy Starting Issue: Sinister Six Reborn
Story Arc Name: #234

Which Comic’s Numbers Are Stay The Same?

Not every comic is being renumbered. There are a big batch which are business as usual, but have brand new stories beginning.

All-New Wolverine #25 cover by Terry Dodson.

All-New Wolverine #25 cover by Terry Dodson.

All-New Wolverine

Written by Tom Taylor. Art by Juann Cabal.

Jumping-on Issue: #25
Story Arc Name: Orphans of X

Wolverine’s son, Daken has been kidnapped and it’s up to Laura (aka X-23, aka the All-New Wolverine) to track him down and save him. The trail leads her to where she was created (she’s a female clone of Wolverine herself) and where all kinds of horrors are waiting for them. Also, who are The Orphans of X? You’ll need to read to find out.

All-New Wolverine #25 is available from October.

America #8 cover by Joe Quinones.

America #8 cover by Joe Quinones.


Written by Gabby Rivera. Art by Joe Quinones.

Jumping-on Issue: #8
Story Arc Name: Exterminatrix

America Chavez has been on a mission to defend the multiverse from all kinds threats. in this jumping-on issue we will see her take on her biggest threat yet in the form of Exterminatrix and the Midas Coproration. Fans of Keiron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s Young Avengers run, which heavily feature America Chavez, will probably remember Exterminatrix as a threat and will be ready for round two.

This story arc will also see America developing new powers, which i am sure she’ll need in her mission.

America #8 is available in October.

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows

Jumping-on Issue: #13
Story Arc Name: Eight Years Later

Astonishing X-Men

Jumping-on Issue: #7
Story Arc Name: A Man Called X

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider

Jumping-on Issue: #10
Story Arc Name: The Slingers Return

Black Bolt

Jumping-on Issue: #8
Story Arc Name: The Midnight King Returns to Earth

Champions #13 cover by Humberto Ramos.

Champions #13 cover by Humberto Ramos.


Jumping-on Issue: #13
Story Arc Name: Worlds Collide

This issue is technically part 2 of a story which is crossing over with Avengers. See Avengers above for more information.

Defenders #6 cover by David Marquez.

Defenders #6 cover by David Marquez.


Written by Brian Michael Bendis. Art by David Marquez.

Jumping-on Issue: #6
Story Arc Name: Kingpins of New York

Just like Netflix’s upcoming Defenders series, this team is made up of Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. In this jumping-on story we see that New York City is in grip of a crime war due to the absence of the The Kingpin. Who will be the new Kingpin? You’ll have to read to find out.

To make their matters worse, serial pest Deadpool has arrived in town.

Defenders #6 is available from October.


Jumping-on Issue: #13
Story Arc Name: Family Reunion

Iceman #6 cover by Kevin Wada.

Iceman #6 cover by Kevin Wada.


Written by Sina Grace. Art by Robert Gill.

Jumping-on Issue: #6
Story Arc Name: Champions Reassembled

Back in the 70’s Iceman was part of a bizarre team known as The Champions, which featured Hercules, Ghost Rider, Black Widow, Darkstar, and Angel. In this story, Iceman has decided that it’s time to get the team back together so he can use his evolving powers for good.

This is one of those series which promises to be very character-driven and we should see an Iceman, which grows from issue to issue.

Iceman #6 is available from October.

Jean Grey #8 cover by Mike Mayhew.

Jean Grey #8 cover by David Yardin.

Jean Grey

Written by Dennis Hopeless. Art by Victor Ibanez.

Jumping-on Issue: #8
Story Arc Name: Psych War

The Phoenix Force is on its way to Earth to make Jean it’s host once again. Usually, when the Phoenix Force comes it leaves death and destruction in it’s wake and Jean is not prepared for that. In order to get ready she tracks down former host, and current villain, Emma Frost to help train her. But will Emma want to train her?

Jean Grey #8 is available from October.

Jessica Jones

Jumping-on Issue: #13
Story Arc Name: Return of the Purple Man

Monsters Unleashed

Jumping-on Issue: #7
Story Arc Name: And Lo There Came…A Poison!

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Jumping-on Issue: #25
Story Arc Name: Fantastic Three

Ms. Marvel

Jumping-on Issue: #25
Story Arc Name: Teenage Wasteland

Old Man Logan

Jumping-on Issue: #31
Story Arc Name: The Scarlet Samurai

Royals #9 cover by Javier Rodriguez.

Royals #9 cover by Javier Rodriguez.


Written by Al Ewing. Art by Javier Rodriguez.

Jumping-on Issue: #9
Story Arc Name: Fire From Heaven

Royals is a series which follows the Inhuman’s quest in outer space to find the Kree – the alien race which created them – sop they can find a new source of Terrigan mist. In this new story arc, we find out that there was an alien race that created the Kree and that they may be the Inhuman’s best bet to finding more Terrigan.

Expect a wild ride, with new alien races and crazy science fiction ideas in this series.

Royals #9 is available from October.

Secret Warriors

Jumping-on Issue: #8
Story Arc Name: Vs Mister Sinister

Spider-Gwen #25 cover by Kjary Randolf.

Spider-Gwen #25 cover by Kjary Randolf.


Written by Jason Latour. Art by Robbi Rodriguez.

Jumping-on Issue: #25
Story Arc Name: Gwenom

Spider-Gwen is a kind of a what if series, set in a different universe, which tells the story of Gwen Stacy being bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. In this jumping-on issues, we’re introduced this universes Venom.

Spider-Gwen #25 is available from October.


Jumping-on Issue: #23
Story Arc Name: Spider-Man Versus Deadpool


Jumping-on Issue: #13
Story Arc Name: Thanos Triumphant

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Jumping-on Issue: #27
Story Arc Name: The Forbidden Pla-Nut

The Unbelieveable Gwenpool

Jumping-on Issue: #21
Story Arc Name: Doom Sees You

U.S.Avengers #11 cover.

U.S.Avengers #11 cover.


Written by Al Ewing. Art by Paco Medina.

Jumping-on Issue: #11
Story Arc Name: Cannonball Run

U.S.Avengers is available from October.

Uncanny Avengers

Jumping-on Issue: #28
Story Arc Name: Stars and Garters


Jumping-on Issue: #155
Story Arc Name: Lethal Protector

Note: Venom was recently renumbered (before Marvel Legacy)

Weapon X

Jumping-on Issue: #12
Story Arc Name: Nuke-Clear War

X-Men: Gold #13 and X-Men: Blue #13 interlocking covers by Arthur Adams.

X-Men: Gold #13 and X-Men: Blue #13 interlocking covers by Arthur Adams.

X-Men: Blue and X-Men: Gold

Written by Marc Guggenheim and Cullen Bunn. Art by George Molina.

Jumping-on Issue: #13
Story Arc Name: Mojo Worldwide

To kick off this new era of Marvel Comics X-Men: Blue and X-Men: Gold will start with a crossover which starts in X-Men: Gold #13. In it, the evil Mojo, a demented TV producer from another dimension, has realised his ratings have dropped and has taken it in his own hands to get them back up. He’ll do it through the X-Men by putting them in as much danger as possible all for the sake of entertainment!

I’m a personal fan of Mojo as he is right blend of dangerous and meta. If you’ve seen the X-Men animated series from the 90’s you might be familar with this character and know how great he is. Longtime fans of X-Men will also be excited to see the return of Longshot too!

You can find more about this X-Men story in this interview with writer Cullen Bunn with ComicBook.com.

X-Men: Blue and X-Men: Gold #13 will be available in October.

Note: I’ve lumped these two together as it appears they will crossover into one story.

Are There Any Brand New Comics?

Along with the renumbered series and the continuing series will be handful of new comics too.

Falcon #1 cover by Jesus Saiz. Marvel Legacy.

Falcon #1 cover by Jesus Saiz.


Written by Rodney Barnes. Art by Joshua Cassara.

After a stint as Captain America, Sam Wilson is back to being the Falcon. In the opening story called “Take Flight!” Falcon will take on demonic villain Blackheart, who is the son of Mephisto. Along for the ride is his newly appointed sidekick Patriot, who should give an interesting take on the series.

Writing the series will be TV writer/producer Rodney Barnes who has been labelled as “one of the rising African American creatives in Hollywood.”

It’s also worth noting that this is the first time since the 80’s that The Falcon has had his own series.

You can find out more about this series in an interview with Rodney Barnes with ComicBook.com.

Falcon #1 will be available from October.

Marvel Two-In-One

Will star The Thing and Human Torch of the Fantastic Four.

Spirits of Vengeance #1 cover by Mark Texeira.

Spirits of Vengeance #1 cover by Mark Texeira.

Spirits of Vengeance

Written by Victor Gischler. Art by David Baldeon.

Spirits of Vengeance is a brand new team book starring Blade, Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), Daimon Hellstrom and Satanna. It will feature big action and explore some of the underused corners of Marvel’s horror and supernatural slate.

Spirits of Vengeance #1 is available in October.

Have Your Say!

Are you looking forward to Marvel Legacy? Will it tempt you to read Marvel for the very first time?

NOTE: Any anti-diversity rants in the comments will be deleted. There’s no need for any of that kind of talk here. 

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  • Sounds excellent but I prefer Jane Foster’s run on Thor ends. Marvel is making a mistake with different versions of Thor. We have Beta Ray Bill which is great. Then there is Red Norvel, and now War Ultimate Thor. I’m happy to see the original God of Thunder THOR return. Also its time Sam Wilson takes up the mantle as the Falcon again. Steve Rogers is the one and only Captain America. Lastly lets only have one Wolverine…the return of Logan!

  • It will be interesting to see how this dovetails with the newest series that have been launched or rebooted. I’m guessing there will, moving forward, being two types of distinct Marvel covers each month — Legacy and, well, non-Legacy. Specifically wondering how this will affect very recent startups like the many X-Men books, Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), etc.

    Also, there were some relatively new books that got renumbered after anywhere from just 8 to 20 issues (Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl). If they get the legacy number, they will be catapulted up into newer numbers.

  • i’m genuinely curious more than excited the Marvel franchise seems to be in constant upheavel as event follows cros over event. Can we just calm down and enjoy some decent runs by creators on characters for a while?