Everything You Need To Know About Marvel Legacy


Everything You Need To Know About Marvel Legacy.

Over the past few years Marvel has been in a bit of a holding pattern of the yearly relaunch. While it worked in the early days, it has become a practice which as seen less success the more it is done. So when Secret Empire wraps up in September, the publisher is trying something a little bit different.

Introducing Marvel Legacy, the new publishing intuitive which is set to honour the past, bring classic heroes to the forefront and kick off a new era of Marvel stories.

Marvel Legacy will be a great place to start reading Marvel Comics, whether you are a regular reader, lapsed or never touched a comic in your life.

If you don’t follow the comic book news or simply confused about what Marvel Legacy actually is, this handy guide will answer all of burning questions you have. It will be updated regularly when more information comes to light, especially in regards to the comics which are involved.

Is It A Relaunch or Reboot?


While Marvel has done many line-wide relaunches in the past, Marvel Legacy is more of a banner for their comics. Instead of taking all their comics back to issue #1 it will it will kick-off brand new stories for long-time and newer fans alike.

And it is definitely not a reboot. All of the history will still be there, but readers will not be required to have an encyclopedic level of knowledge going in.

Marvel Legacy promo art by Joe Quesada.

How Does It Begin?

So, where is the best place to start reading Marvel Legacy? It all begins with a one-shot comic called Marvel Legacy #1, a whopping 50-page issue. Expect to see plenty of twists and turns as well as a few surprises along the way too.

Marvel has even hinted that on the final page we will see the return of some Marvel mythos that has been missing for a while. It sounds like it will be big because editor Tom Brevoort has suggested it will “break the Internet.” If it will or not is yet to be seen, but sounds like it will be big.

It’s a clean entry point for new and lapsed readers, with the story setting up future stories instead of servicing those that have happened beforehand. So if you’ve never read a Marvel comic in your life you will still be able to follow what’s going on.

The issue will be written by Jason Aaron with art by Esad Ribic and will have a massive four-panel fold-out cover by Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada.

Do I Need To Have Read Previous Marvel Comics To Understand It?


Marvel has stated that the Marvel Legacy one-shot will be new reader friendly and will prime you with everything you need to going forward. So as long as you have read the one-shot you should be able to dive into any of the subsequent comics with the Marvel Legacy banner.

When Does It Begin?

While there is no month set, Marvel’s teasers say Fall 2017. With that in mind, I believe it will be late September or early October. By that stage Marvel’s big event storyline, Secret Empire, will have concluded and would allow the publisher to focus on Legacy.

When a concrete date is set I will update this guide.

Bringing Back Familiar Heroes, But Keeping The New

Over the past few years Marvel has elevated other characters into the mantle of their biggest characters. Jane Foster became Thor, with the original one being unworthy. Amadeus Cho became the Hulk, with Bruce Banner cured and then later dying. Similar things happened with other characters too, although, in most cases the original hung around with less focus.

As part of Marvel Legacy, the original characters you know and love will be returning in a big way. How? It’s not quite clear yet and will probably be different for each character.

However, That doesn’t mean the newer characters won’t disappear! They’ll still be around too. Marvel will just be juggling both versions of the character, which will appeal to different readers.

Marvel Legacy Promo Teaser - The World Outside Your Window.

What Is Legacy Numbering?

In many reports, and even through Marvel, you’ll hear the term “Legacy Numbering” – but what does it actually mean?

It’s essentially the issue number that the comic would be on if hadn’t been renumbered in the past.

A hypothetical example:

Take a comic which originally ran for 507 issues before being relaunched. That relaunched series then ran for an additional 82 issues. That would make a total of 589 issues. So when legacy numbering comes into place the next issue number would be #590.

DC Comics has done this recently with Action Comics and Detective Comics, which are now sitting in the 900’s.

Publishers like Marvel and DC often use legacy number as a way of celebrating the past or honouring a milestone. For Marvel Legacy, it appears to be a commitment from the publisher move away from the relaunch habit they been in over the past few years and focus more on great stories.

Which Comics Will Be Renumbered?

At the moment, it is too early to say. Although, it is safe to assume it will happen to Marvel’s longer running comics and characters such as Amazing Spider-Man, Thor, Avengers, Captain America and Iron Man.

When more information is announced I will create a list with all the details.

Which Comics Stay The Same?

While there is no information on this either it can be assumed there will be a handful of comics which will not be renumbered. This will either because there hasn’t been a sense of legacy attached to them or they haven’t been running long enough for a renumbering to be warranted.

Have Your Say!

Are you looking forward to Marvel Legacy? Will it tempt you to read Marvel for the very first time?

NOTE: Any anti-diversity rants in the comments will be deleted. There’s no need for any of that kind of talk here. 

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  • Sounds excellent but I prefer Jane Foster’s run on Thor ends. Marvel is making a mistake with different versions of Thor. We have Beta Ray Bill which is great. Then there is Red Norvel, and now War Ultimate Thor. I’m happy to see the original God of Thunder THOR return. Also its time Sam Wilson takes up the mantle as the Falcon again. Steve Rogers is the one and only Captain America. Lastly lets only have one Wolverine…the return of Logan!

  • It will be interesting to see how this dovetails with the newest series that have been launched or rebooted. I’m guessing there will, moving forward, being two types of distinct Marvel covers each month — Legacy and, well, non-Legacy. Specifically wondering how this will affect very recent startups like the many X-Men books, Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), etc.

    Also, there were some relatively new books that got renumbered after anywhere from just 8 to 20 issues (Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl). If they get the legacy number, they will be catapulted up into newer numbers.

  • i’m genuinely curious more than excited the Marvel franchise seems to be in constant upheavel as event follows cros over event. Can we just calm down and enjoy some decent runs by creators on characters for a while?