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Old Man Logan Reading Order Guide

In 2008 Mark Millar, Steve McNiven and Marvel introduced the world to a very different version of Wolverine, the one of the distant (and alternate) future. Staying alive due to his healing factor, Old Man Logan stars an aged version of Wolverine that lives in a violent wasteland overrun by super-villains. It soon became critically and fan acclaimed and is now deemed a modern classic.

When you run a website like How to Love Comics you get asked a lot of questions, but one of the ones I get asked the most is “what is the reading order for Old Man Logan?” With Logan hitting cinemas early next year and the way that his comic book appearances have been structured it’s a very valid question to ask.

To make things easy I have put together the Old Man Logan Reading Order Guide, which gives all the information needed about the various stories and appearances of Old Man Logan. Along with the reading order I have included trade paperback releases as well as links to Comixology and Marvel Unlimited where avaialble.

It all begins in the distant future…

Wolverine: Old Man Logan

Written by Mark Millar. Art by Steve McNiven.

Wolverine: Old Man Logan was a storyline set in post-apocalyptic alternate future and stars Wolverine as an Old Man. This storyline appears to be major inspiration for the upcoming Logan film.

Trade paperback release: Wolverine: Old Man Logan

Comixology | Marvel Unlimited

Wolverine: Old Man Logan appeared in our Wolverine Stories You Should Read List.

Old Man Logan Appearances in Fantastic Four

Written by Mark Millar. Art by Bryan Hitch.

This was created before Wolverine: Old Man Logan, but it is set afterwards. It features Logan, also known as The Hooded Man, as part of a team called The New Defenders.

Trade paperback release: Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest (Out of Print but easy enough to find a used copy)

Comixology | Marvel Unlimited

Fantastic Fource

Written by Joe Ahearne. Art by Steve Kurth.

If you read the Fantastic Four story arc and are interested in reading more about The Hooded Man and the Fantastic Fource (previously known as The New Defenders) then check this miniseries out. Due to the lack of trade paperback and unavalability on Comixology I’m labelling this series as optional.

Trade paperback release: None

Marvel Unlimited

Secret Wars: Old Man Logan

Written by Brian Michael Bendis. Art by Andrea Sorrentino.

Old Man Logan returns as part of a tie-in series to Secret Wars. You don’t have to read Secret Wars to understand it. All you need to know is that the world was destroyed and remade with the pieces of different alternate worlds – including the world seen in Wolverine: Old Man Logan.

Trade paperback release: Old Man Logan volume 0: Warzones

Comixology | Marvel Unlimited

The Present: Old Man Logan

Written by Jeff Lemire. Art by Andrea Sorrentino.

In the conclusion of Secret Wars the world is remade the way it was supposed to be, albeit with a few inclusions from popular alternate worlds. Old Man Logan was one of those additions and the series follow him in the present day Marvel Universe.

You don’t have to have read any of the previous stories, but they will give you greater context.

NOTE: As this series is currently ongoing there are more issues to come after Old Man Logan #22, but as they haven’t been announced yet they haven’t been included. They will be when more information has been revealed.

Trade paperback release:

Comixology | Marvel Unlimited

Other Appearances

Old Man Logan had regular appearences in Extraordinary X-Men. It’s not essential to read if you are only interested in the character, but there are some interesting character interactions between Logan and other X-Men characters. He will also appear in X-Men: Gold and Weapon X, which both begin in April 2017 and are part of the ResurrXion line of comics.

He has also appeared in All-New Wolverine #8-12.

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