Book Club: Unlocking Locke & Key Volume 1: Welcome To Lovecraft


Book Club: Unlocking Locke & Key Volume 1: Welcome To Lovecraft

Throughout the month of July I’ve been asking people to read Locke & Key Volume 1: Welcome To Lovecraft so we could discuss it as part of the How to Love Comics Book Club!

For those who haven’t been paying attention or have just joined us this is essentially how it works:

  • I set a book at the start of the month.
  • We all go out out and read it.
  • And then come back and discuss it.

We’re now up to the discussion phase of the process. The part where you get to have your say and what you enjoyed or didn’t enjoy in as much detail as you want in the comments below.

Before we get to the actual discussion I’ll lay down some ground rules, mostly for the sake of keeping the discussion friendly.

Book Club Rules

  1. Keep conversation friendly. You’re allowed to disagree with people, but do so in a way that is neither aggressive or belittling the person with different views or opinions.
  2. No trolling.
  3. Keep on topic.
  4. Do not spoil Locke & Key volumes 2+.
  5. I have the right to delete any comments which break rules 1-4.
  6. Finally, have fun!

Locke & Key volume 1: Welcome to Lovecraft cover by Gabriel Rodriguez.

Talking Points

You can discuss Locke & Key Volume 1: Welcome To Lovecraft anyway you want, but if you’re looking for a few talking points here are a few to help you get started.

  • Themes: Grief, loss, reinvention, loss of innocence.
  • Pacing: Was the story well paced?
  • Art: What did you like about Gabriel Rodriguez’s art? Does it suit the themes and the story?
  • Colouring: Did Jay Fotos’ colour work well with the art? Does it suit the themes and the story?
  • As a horror series did you find it scary?
  • Locke & Key is becoming a television series, do you think it will translate?
  • Will you be reading the other volumes of this series?

Over to you, jump down into the comments and let’s talk about Locke & Key Volume 1: Welcome To Lovecraft!

Trevor Van As is the founder of How to Love Comics and has loved comics all his life. When he’s not reading or talking about comics he can be found eating frozen yogurt and dancing like no one is watching.

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David Tucker
I bought the first hardcover when it was released, purely on a whim, and it has since become quite possibly my favorite comic I own. The beautiful, stylish and always consistent artwork was a huge selling point, but one you get past that and get into the story itself, it’s amazing how well-thought out it is. I remember reading it the first time and thinking, I’m guessing this author writes novels full-time, and this is his first take at comics. Not because the comic was bad, but just because it was SO well set up and fleshed out, it stood… Read more »

And page 28. That captured everything about a mother’s, grief, rage, protective instincts and wow!

What struck me about Rodriguez’ art and Joe’s writing is that they get teenagers. Not in any hip sort of trendy way, but in the small things. Look at the first time we see Tyler at the top if page 10 (hardcover vol. 1). The different outfits and his thought process were believable. They made me feel the angst and ennui of being a teenager coupled with the self awareness to know you’re full if shit which we read at the bottom of page 10 when he tells Kinsey he’s experiencing boredom and existential angst. This is just one example… Read more »