FREE COMICS: Jessica Jones #1 Is Your First Taste Of The Netflix Series

FREE COMICS: Jessica Jones #1 Is Your First Taste Of The Netflix Series.

Earlier in the year Netflix subscribers were treated to Daredevil as part of a 4 show deal with Marvel and the streaming service. It was grim, gritty and edge of your seat television that wanted you more of. While we’ll have to wait a little while for season 2 to arrive we will soon be treated to the next television series in this deal – Jessica Jones.

For those who can’t wait until November 20th to binge on Jessica Jones, you’re in luck as Marvel have released a short comic which introduce you to the characters and tone of the series. Even better is this 12-page story is by the original creators of Jessica Jones writer Brian Michael Bendis (Avengers, Daredevil) and Michael Gaydos (Alias). This is rather exciting as the pair did such a fantastic job on Alias together and probably have the greatest understanding of the character in or outside of comics. As a bonus we get an appearance of Daredevil which nicely ties Jessica Jones into the Marvel cinematic universe even if it’s only a small corner of it.

Jessica Jones #1 cover by David Mack.

For those unfamiliar with Jessica Jones she’s a former superheroine who has turned private investigator who first appeared in the comic Alias (not related to the TV show of the same name) in 2001. Alias ran up until 2014 for a total of 28 issues and then went onto star in a new comic know as The Pulse as well as feature heavily in Brian Michael Bendis’ Avengers run.

But don’t worry if you haven’t read any of the comics she has starred in as this comic is made to be accessible to anyone mildly interested in the Netflix series.

You can read this 12-page story over on Comixology or Marvel’s digital comic service for free.

Here’s the trailer for the Netflix series below if you haven’t seen it, or simply want to watch it again.

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