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The Megalist of Comic Book Should Read Lists

Some of the most popular kinds of questions How to Love Comics receives are based on reading recommendations for certain characters or themes. Many readers are craving stories for a certain character or theme and are looking for some of the best. As a result, over the almost 3 years of How to Love Comics I’ve (and the occasional guest contributor) put together a string of “should read” lists based on a broad range of themes – from Superman to Spider-Man to Dinosaurs and more.

I’ve decided to put all these “should read” lists all into one big mega list for you’re viewing pleasure. With all the lists in the one spot you’ll have access to tonne of awesome comics which will definitely scratch you’re character itch.

I suggest bookmarking this page as new lists will be added here once they go up on the site. If you’re looking for a certain theme or character and I haven’t done a list for them yet let me know in the comments at the bottom of the page and I’ll see what I can do!

DC Comics Lists

Black Canary, Old and New: Six Books You Should Read

If you’ve been enjoying the current Black Canary comic then you’ll want to check out this list to discover more great comics featuring her. Guest contributor Emma has put together a great list of stories, both old and new, for those screaming for more.

6 Green Arrow Comics You Should Read

With a mix of classic and contemporary here are six Green Arrow stories that you’ll dig, especially if you’re a fan on CW’s Arrow.

10 Wonder Woman Stories You Should Read

This list consists of 10 of the best Wonder Woman stories that mix fan-favourites and absolute classics to form some quality reads.

13 Superman Stories You Should Read

While Superman can often to be written quite bland or boring there are dozens of fantastic stories from over 75 years of Superman history. I’ve showcased 13 that you should – mixing it up with fan favourites and landmark stories.

If there’s enough demand I should do a follow-up list with more stories you should read.

Marvel Lists

4 Fantastic Four Creative Runs You Should Read

Shaking up the formula a little, instead of showcasing Fantastic Four stories pointed out four lengthy runs on Marvel’s first family that you should read. All of these are fan favourites and even some of the greatest examples of the comic book medium.

4 Elektra Stories You Should Read

If you’re interested in stories featuring Elektra then this is the list for you. All of them are guaranteed to be better than her movie.

5 Thor Comics You Should Read

By the beard of Odin! Here are five Thor comics that you will verily enjoy.

7 Wolverine Stories You Should Read

Everyone’s favourite sharp clawed Canadian mutant has had some solid stories throughout his history. Here are seven you should read.

5 More Wolverine Stories You Should Read

Need more Wolverine stories? Here are an additional five stories – ranging from fan-favourite to the lesser known.

5 Iron Man Stories You Should Read

Here’s five fan-favourite Iron Man stories you can blast into. As an added bonus I’ve added suggested reading based on these stories if you want to continue on reading.

6 Iron Fist Stories You Should Read

Six stories full of fung-fu action of the street level and mystical variety.

6 Guardians Of The Galaxy Stories You Should Read

If you’re a fan of the movies and you’re looking for some good Guardians of the Galaxy comics to read then this is the list for you.

7 Luke Cage Stories You Should Read

If you’ve been digging the Netflix series then here are seven Luke Cage stories that you will love.

8 Doctor Strange Stories You Should Read

From the personal to the more abstract and surreal, these eight Doctor Strange stories are a great spread of the character’s history.

9 Avengers Stories You Should Read

I’ve assembled nine Avengers stories with broad and familiar line-ups from all over the team’s history there should be something for everyone.

10 Captain America Stories You Should Read

This list is a salute to some of the greatest Captain America comics of all time. There’s a great mix of stories in this list from the straight up superhero to the espionage-tinged.

14 Spider-Man Stories You Should Read

Here’s 14 Spidey comics to swing into that will scratch that Spider-Man itch. This list represents every decade of the character and full of classics and fan-favourites.

If there’s enough demand I will definitely do a follow-up list.

Themed Lists

5 Comics About Dinosaurs You Should Read

From strange to heroic to more realistic, this is a broad selection of comics about dinosaurs that any dino-fan will love.

5 Tasty Recipe Webcomics You Should Read

This is quite possibly the tastiest of all the lists here. Lot of fantastic recipes in comic book form.

10 Zombie Comics You Should Read

Zombies are staple in a lot of horror fiction and comic books have been infected too. If you love The Walking Dead and need more zombies in your life you an go past these selections.

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