PREVIEW: The Valiant #1 – A Great Jumping on Point for Valiant Entertainment


When Valiant Entertainment was revived in 2012 they hit the ground running with a strong group of titles. Over time they have added more titles to their roster, with the latest being The Valiant by the great creative team of writers Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, Animal Man) and Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT) with art by the kinetic Paolo Rivera (Daredevil). Will the Eternal Warrior be able to defeat an ancient evil he has already lost to three times? With a little help from Valiant’s finest me might be able to. Don’t worry if you have never read a Valiant comic before, this four part prestige miniseries aims to be a great jumping on point into the publishers line of comics.

The Valiant #1 cover by Paolo Rivera.

The Eternal Warrior has been protecting the world for ten thousand years. Although, there has been three occasions in which his failed. All three times have been against the same enemy – The Immortal Enemy. Each time this ancient evil force has won, it has collapsed civilisations and thrown the world into a dark age. In the present day the Immortal Enemy has risen again, but  this time the Eternal Warrior will not fail. He has assembled a cast of characters from the Valiant Universe, calling themselves The Valiant, in an attempt to shop this horrible evil.

From the science fiction inspired X-O Manowar to the mysterious Bloodshot, The Valiant offers a varied cast of characters from throughout Valiant’s lineup of comics. It will be interesting to see how the different corners of the Valiant Universe will be to coming together in a way that doesn’t feel like a pish-posh of ideas. If you are unfamiliar with this group of characters don’t stress as the page below will give you a good introduction to the core concepts of each.

The Valiant #1 character summary page.

The Valiant aims to be a good jumping on point for those who are new to the publisher. You won’t be required to have read any previous comics in order to understand the story, so you can dive right in. Additionally, it has been stated in many of the promotional material that this miniseries will set the tone for the Valiant Universe heading into 2015.

This miniseries will be presented in a prestige format, meaning that it will have a finer presentation than your regular comic. While it won’t have a square spine like many of the prestige comics of previous decades, it will be printed on nicer paper stock. I think a good frame of reference is the recent Death of Wolverine miniseries.

Whether you a Valiant veteran or a new comer to this universe The Valiant looks like it will be a great place to jump on. With a top notch creative team and interesting premise The Valiant is a comic you should give a try if you have ever been curious about Valiant Entertainment’s range of comic books.

The Valiant #1 is available in all good comic book stores and digitally from December 10th.

You can take a look at a preview for The Valiant #1, along with the variant covers by Francesco Francavilla and Matt Kindt, below.

The Valiant #1 preview page 1 by Paolo Rivera. The Valiant #1 preview page 2 by Paolo Rivera. The Valiant #1 preview page 3 by Paolo Rivera. The Valiant #1 preview page 4 by Paolo Rivera. The Valiant #1 preview page 5 by Paolo Rivera. The Valiant #1 preview page 6 by Paolo Rivera. The Valiant #1 preview page 7 by Paolo Rivera. The Valiant #1 preview page 8 by Paolo Rivera.

The Valiant #1 variant cover by Francesco Francavilla. The Valiant #1 variant cover by Matt Kindt.

Will you be Reading The Valiant #1?

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