When Are Comics and Graphic Novels Released?


When I first got into comics I found the whole experience quite exciting. The escapism that it offered was mesmerising and I found myself wanting more. The problem was I wasn’t quite sure when the next issue of my favourite comic was going to be released, let alone when any comics were released. If you are like I was and can’t wait to dive into more comics but not sure when new comics are released then this article is for you.

The Simpsons. It's Wednesday, Homer.

Marge knows when it’s New Comic Book Day.

Comics and Graphic Novels in Comic Book Stores

When are comics and graphic novels released in comic book stores? The short answer is Wednesday. The long answer is Wednesday is New Comic Book Day, although there are the occassional exceptions. Usually around holiday periods New Comic Book day is moved a day either if it falls on a major holiday for that week.

Also, keep in mind that if you are based outside North America that comics might be released on a different day due to the additional shipping. As to which day this will be you will have to ask your local retailer.

Digital comics and devices

Digital Comics

Wednesday is also New Comic Book Day for new release digital comics, coming out the same day as their print counterparts. Although, there are some variations to this when it comes to back releases and digital-only/first comics. It’s not uncommon for these to be released on a day other than Wedensday as publishers and creators like to sprinkle these throughout the week. For instance, DC Comics likes to have a different digital-first comic for every day of the week, which makes it easy to remember when those are meant to be released.ComicList logo.

How do I find certain comics come out?

If you are waiting out for a certain issue(s) of your favourite series to be released then ComicList is a fantastic website to use. It lists the releases for all the comics in the upcoming two weeks as well as an extended forecast which is split by publisher. This is the website I use to discover what dates comics will be release and has been used many times in the aid of writing plenty of posts on this site.

Another great way to find out when comics are released are through your local comic book store. Many will post a list of the week’s releases on social media, on their website or in-store.

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