Free Comic Round-Up #1: The Strain, Crime Does Not Pay, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and More


At How to Love Comics I like to talk about comics that you can read for free (legally) as it is great way to get people used to the medium and discover what they like without spending money. In this free comic round-up I have tried to find a great mixture of comics from a variety of genres and publishers. This edition will see horror, supernatural, true crime, drama, superheroes, science fiction, politics and all ages adventure all represented. With this much variety, hopefully there is something that will appeal to almost every one. Happy reading!

The Strain #1 cover by Mike Huddleston. Dark Horse Comics.

The Strain #1 and #2

Written by David Lapham. Art by Mike Huddleston. Published by Dark Horse Comics.

The Strain is a horror comic about the spread of a parasite which turns people into vampires. Originally created as a series of novel it has been adapted into comics. Although, you might be more familiar with it as a TV series which recently began screening on FX.

You can read The Strain #1 and #2 for free over at Bleeding Cool.

Revival #1 cover by Mike Norton. Rural Noir.

Revival #1

Written by Tim Seeley. Art by Mike Norton. Published by Image Comics.

The last time I talked about Revival it was on the Ten Zombie Comics You Should Read list. Although, this series is much more than a zombie series. The series is more about the mystery of a rural town who has the strange phenomena of all the recently deceased coming back to life. The series is full of wonderful art by Mike Norton and is fantastic in exploring the personal relationships between the townsfolk.

You can read Revival #1 for free over at Bloody Disgusting.

Kid Mafia #1 cover by Michael DeForge.

Kid Mafia #1-4

Written and drawn by Michael DeForge. Self-published.

Originally a series of zines that are now long out of print, Kid Mafia is about a group of teenage delinquents who run the neighbourhood as if they were in the Mafia. You don’t want to cross these kids as they will cut you up. If you are new to DeForge’s work, Kid Mafia is a good place to start as it is not as surreal as most of his output.

You can read Kid Mafia #1-4 for free at Michael DeForge’s website.

A Voice in the Dark #1 cover by Larime Taylor.

A Voice In The Dark #1

Written and drawn by Larime Taylor. Published by Top Cow Productions.

A Voice in the Dark follows Zoey, who has the urge to kill people. But when she starts hosting the graveyard shift of her college radio station will her urges get the better of her? This series is getting lots of critical accliam and what is more impressive is that Larime Taylor, due to his disability, has drawn everything with his mouth.

You can read A Voice In The Dark #1 for free over at Bleeding Cool.

Mark Waid's Green Hornet #1 cover by Paolo Rivera. Dynamite Comics.

Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #1

Written by Mark Waid. Art by Daniel Indro. Published by Dynamite Entertainment.

Mark Waid and Daniel Indro do comics of the classic pulp hero The Green Hornet. In this issue a man looses his life which starts a downwards spiral of collapse for the hero. If you enjoy pulp heroes and fiction you will enjoy this series.

You can read Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #1 for free over at Bleeding Cool.

Don Rosa's Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck - A Matter of Serious Gravity cover by Don Rosa.

Don Rosa’s Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck – A Matter of Serious Gravity

Written and drawn by Don Rosa. Published by Fantagraphics Books.

Don Rosa has created a really fun story in which Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck have a spell put n them which has caused gravity to go sideways. The use of of wonky gravity has been used to great effect, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. There is also a second story about Gladstone Gander, the luckiest duck in the world, who suffers from a 24-hour bad luck curse.

You can read Don Rosa’s Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck – A Matter of Serious Gravity for free on Comixology.

Ultimate Comics Spider-man cover by Kaare Andrews. Marvel Comics. Miles Morales.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1

Written by Brian Michael Bendis. Art by Sara Pichelli. Published by Marvel Comics.

This is the first issue of Miles Morales led Ultimate Spider-Man series. Not only do you get great superheroics, but also great character moments. If you are looking for a good entry point to reading Mile Morales then issue is the perfect place to start.

You can read Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 for free at Comixology.

Letter 44 #1 cover by Alberto Alburquerque. Oni Press.

Letter 44 #1

Written by Charles Soule. Art by Alberto Alburquerque. Published by Oni Press.

Letter 44 is about a newly elected president who receives a letter from the previous. What does this letter entail? That the Earth with be invaded by aliens in the not too distant future and that all the decisions he made when in power were done in order to prepare for them. If you like politics in your science fiction then you will dig this series.

You can read Letter 44 #1 for free over at io9.

Crime Does Not Pay #34 cover by Charles Biro. True Crime.

Crime Does Not Pay

Written by Charles Biro and Bob Wood. Art by Charles Biro and George Tuska. Published by Lev Gleason Publications.

Crime Does Not Pay is a true crime series that ran from 1942 and 1955. All the stories in this series are based on actual crimes and it was used as a way of scaring people into following the law. During its publication it was insanely popular, selling around the same numbers as Superman.

Crime Does Not Pay is in the public domain and most issues can be read at the Digital Comics Museum.

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