PREVIEW: Shutter #1 by Joe Keatinge and Leila del Duca


Combining urban fantasy and globe-spanning adventure, Shutter is the new Image comic series by writer Joe Keatinge and artist Leila del Duca. Filled with excitement and fantastical elements, Shutter is definitely a series that is for those who have a sense of adventure.

Shutter #1 cover by Leila del Duca. Image Comics.

The series follows Kate Kristopher, a former adventurer in a long line of adventurers, who is forced back into the adventurous lifestyle when a dark family secret is threatened to be revealed. The potential reveal of this secret sees her travelling around the fantastic world that has been created. Shutter’s world is rich of fantasy elements including weird and wonderful creatures – including demons, phantom ninjas, gorgons just to name a few.

Shutter’s protagonist, Kate Kristopher, has been described as a modern day Indiana Jones. In a press release, Joe Keatinge contemplated that both characters would be similar if Indiana Jones had the freedom of information that we take for granted in the 21st Century. Unlike Indy, she has a lot more knowledge and resources at her grasp.

If you enjoy globe-trotting adventure or fantasy elements mixed with real life then Shutter is a comic book that I would highly suggest you give a try.

Shutter #1 is available in all good comic book stores and digitally from April 9th.

Take a look at a six page preview of Shutter #1 below.

Shutter #1 preview page 1 by Leila del Duca. Shutter #1 preview page 2 by Leila del Duca. Shutter #1 preview page 3 by Leila del Duca. Shutter #1 preview page 4 by Leila del Duca. Shutter #1 preview page 5 by Leila del Duca. Shutter #1 preview page 6 by Leila del Duca.

Will You Be Reading Shutter #1?

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