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UPDATED: The checklist image has been removed and has been replaced with text due to the evolving nature of this crossover. All details are correct at the time of publishing and will be updated once more information has been revealed.

In the 90’s, there was one Superman villain that was so powerful that he was able to “kill” Superman. Back then this was a huge deal, not only in comics, but also in the mainstream media. It made the news, was on the front page of newspapers and was a big talking piece. This villain was Doomsday. Ruthless, almost indestructible and motivated only by pure hate, Doomsday was a villain that could really match Superman. Although, since his early appearance he has not been able to make such an impact. This could all change with Doomsday’s first big conflict in the New 52 era – the upcoming crossover event, Superman: Doomed.

Superman: Doomed #1 by Ken Lashley.

Superman: Doomed #1 by Ken Lashley.

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DC are keeping quite on many of the details of Superman: Doomed, but what we do know is Superman will face Doomsday, but that will only be the beginning. The fight between the two will create consequences for the Man of Steel, potentially from Doomsday’s unknown new abilities, which will fuel further conflict elsewhere.

In a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, the writing trio stressed that Superman: Doomed was not a rehash of the classic Death of Superman.

We’re telling a brand new Doomsday story that goes in a new direction. We love that classic story and we tip our hats in a big way, but we’re using it really as a launching point for something hopefully very different that will challenge our character in entirely new ways.

It will be interesting to see what new ideas they can bring to Doomsday and how he will be a challenge for Superman.

Crossovers can be a little confusing, this is why I have created a Superman: Doomed reading order checklist. This checklist includes the preferred reading order for this event, as well as listing the dates of release.* You can take a look at it below.

April – Preludes

Action Comics #30 – April 2nd

Superman/Wonder Woman #7 – April 9th

Superman #30 – April 23rd


Superman Doomed #1 – May 14th

Action Comics #31 – May 14th

Superman/Wonder Woman #8 – May 14th

Batman/Superman #11 – May 21st

Superman #31 – May 28th


Action Comics #32 – June 4th

Superman/Wonder Woman #9 – June 11th


Action Comics #33 – July 2nd

Superman/Wonder Woman #10 – July 9th


Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1 – August 6th

Action Comics Annual #3 – August 6th

Action Comics #34 – August 6th

Superman/Wonder Woman #11 – August 13th

Supergirl #34 – August 20th


Superman: Doomed #2 – September 24th (originally August 27th)

October – Aftermath

Action Comics #35 – October 1st

Superman/Wonder Woman #12 – October #8

Supergirl #35 – October 15th

I’ve listed Action Comics #30, Superman/Wonder Woman #7 and Superman #30 as preludes as while the feature Doomsday, it doesn’t seem to be the major focus. These titles will lead into Superman: Doomed #1, but also wrap up their current arc. As this is the case, I would say that these preludes are not essential reading and you should be fine with starting at Superman: Doomed #1.

Well, I hope this Superman: Doomed reading order checklist has been helpful for you. Enjoy the event!

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