PREVIEW: Wolverine #1 – When Wolverine Became A Bad Guy

Wolverine is a character that needs no introduction. Most people are aware of the movies he has starred in and know his basic background and abilities. Although, this week the status quo changes as the Wolverine title is relaunched, featuring Wolverine as a bad guy. Responsible for this will be writer of the previous volume of Wolverine, Paul Cornell and artist Ryan Stegman (Superior Spider-Man).

Why is Wolverine a bad guy? Thanks to a virus that he contracted in the “Killable” story arc Wolverine has lost his healing factor. Once the word got out all his enemies, including his arch nemesis Sabretooth, came after him as he was essential killable. Beaten to an inch of his life Wolverine changed. He has now dropped all of his responsibilities and has decided to work for a crime boss known as “The Offer”. Why? The Offer had an offer (pun not intended!) that Wolverine cannot refuse. Teamed up with a group of low-rent super villains, he completes tasks for the crime boss.

Wolverine #1 (2014) cover by Ryan Stegman. All-New Marvel NOW!

Since Wolverine has lost his healing factor he must change the way he does things. He can no longer go head first, taking blow after blow, knowing that he can heal from any wound. He will have to use different tactics, ones most likely out of his element if he wants to stay alive. Also, it looks like he wont be able to use his claws as, based on the preview images, he will be using claws attached to his wrists.

It would be a crime not to mention Ryan Stegman’s fantastic art. His characters look great with plenty of detail while still keeping with his style that works well on a title like Wolverine. As you will see in the preview, his backgrounds are extremely detailed – showing every panel on the wall and floor. There is even a really cool secret lab on the final page, that looks like something out a Bond movie, if they had an unlimited budget.

While Wolverine #1 follows off from the previous series, this issue is a good jumping on point for the character. So if you have ever been interested in the ongoings of Wolverine or like the idea of him being a bad guy this series is for you.

Wolverine #1 is is available in comic stores and digitally from February 5th.

Take a look at the variant covers by Jerome Opena, Katie Cook and Kris Anka as well as preview for this #1 issue.

Wolverine #1 (2014) variant cover by Jerome Opena. All-New Marvel NOW! Wolverine #1 (2014) animal variant cover by Katie Cook. All-New Marvel NOW! Wolverine #1 (2014) variant cover by Kris Anka. All-New Marvel NOW! Wolverine #1 (2014) title page. Wolverine #1 (2014) preview page 1 by Ryan Stegman. All-New Marvel NOW! Wolverine #1 (2014) preview page 2 by Ryan Stegman. All-New Marvel NOW! Wolverine #1 (2014) preview page 3 by Ryan Stegman. All-New Marvel NOW! Wolverine #1 (2014) preview page 4 by Ryan Stegman. All-New Marvel NOW!

Wolverine is one of the many new titles as part of the All-New Marvel NOW! publishing initiative.

Will You Be Reading Wolverine #1?

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  • I’m really excited for this. I love how Marvel gets new readers up to speed at the beginning. Wish DC did that. This a going to be a great week with Wolverine #1 and Black Widow #3