PREVIEW: X-Men #10.NOW – A Jumping on Point for the All-Female Team


Brian Wood has been kicking goals on the adjective-less X-Men title. Not only has been been able to establish an all-female team, he has been able to do so with fan and critical success. The title has been able to display some interesting conflict, both against the forces of evil and within the team. With this upcoming issue Marvel has branded it with their “.NOW” numbering which indicates that it is a great jumping on point for anyone who has not been reading the series.

X-Men #10.NOW cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson. All-New Marvel NOW!

This particular X-Men team consists of some of the most popular female mutants along with some lesser known ones to make a team with variety. Fan favourite characters such Storm, Jubilee (now a vampire), Psylocke and Rachel Grey make up the bulk, while the lesser known Karmina and Monet complete the team. Although, we cannot forget Shogo, Jubilee’s adopted son who we were introduced at the start of the series. Even though he is still a baby he is jam packed full of attitude and likely to bring a smile to your face.

The conflict in this story has been building since issue #7 and with each issue seems to be increasing. A new Sisterhood, lead by a new Lady Deathstrike, has been building as they recruit new members. Marvel have teased that their newest member will be an enemy who holds the X-Men responsible for her almost-destruction. Who is it? You will have to read X-Men #10.NOW to find out.

Brian Wood has also explored characters relationships with one another, both on and off the team. On the team there has been conflict since day one, so expect more of that. There are also some developing relationships that will progress beyond this story such as Jubilee’s relationship with her adopted son and the potential romantic relationship between Rachel Grey and John Sublime.

X-Men #10.NOW is a great jumping on point for anyone who is new to the series. Based upon the preview, it looks like it will be written in a way that will bring new readers up to speed with situations and characters while still progressing the narrative. These are the best kinds of jumping on points as they please both new and existing readers.

X-Men #10.NOW is available in comic stores and digitally from February 5th.

Take a look at the variant covers by John Cassaday and David Lopez as well as a preview below by artist Kris Anka.

X-Men #10.NOW variant cover by John Cassaday. All-New Marvel NOW! X-Men #10.NOW Animal Variant cover by David Lopez. All-New Marvel NOW! X-Men #10.NOW title page. All-New Marvel NOW! X-Men #10.NOW preview page 1 by Kris Anka. All-New Marvel NOW! X-Men #10.NOW preview page 2 by Kris Anka. All-New Marvel NOW! X-Men #10.NOW preview page 3 by Kris Anka. All-New Marvel NOW!

Will You Be Reading X-Men #10.NOW?

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