PREVIEW: The Punisher #1 by Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads


Originally appearing as an assassin in Amazing Spider-Man in the mid 70s, The Punisher has gone onto having multiple titles. A year after Greg Rucka’s great run, The Punisher returns to his own title under the guidance of writer Nathan Edmondson (The Activity, Black Widow) and artist Mitch Gerads (The Activity). In this series they move The Punisher from his primary home of New York City to the crime-filled city of Los Angeles.

Punisher (2014) #1 cover by Mitch Gerads. All-New Marvel NOW!

For those who are not familiar with the Punisher he is a vigilante who kills criminals. Frank Castle served in the war and when he returned his family was brutally murdered in the crossfire of organised crime. While Frank survived, it changed him and from that day he became the one-man army known as The Punisher. The Punisher has a very black and white view of crime, so if you are a criminal you are likely be dead if you have a run in with him.

Doesn’t that sound a bit like Dexter? While they both might have a similar concept, The Punisher is much more militant in execution. Frank Castle is not afraid to go all guns blazing, using all of his military training. He is also not one to discriminate – If you have done a serious enough crime he will kill.

As mentioned before, this new series will see The Punisher relocate to Los Angeles as he follows a major drug and weapons ring. Although, while Frank is hunting his prey someone is hunting him – a highly trained military hit squad. This should create some interesting conflict and separate the series from previous Punisher stories.

Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads are a perfect pairing for this title. Based on their work on The Activity, a comic about Special Operations soldiers, over at Image the Punisher is a great title for them to be working on. Edmondson has stated to CBR that he plans on exploring Frank’s psyche, and trying to explain why does the things he does. We will also see a human side to Frank Castle, which Edmondson will explore in detail.

The Punisher #1 is available in comic stores and digitally from February 5th.

Take a look at the variant covers by Salvador Larroca, Skottie Young and Chris Samnee as well as a four page preview below.

Punisher (2014) #1 variant cover by Salvador Larroca. All-New Marvel NOW! Punisher (2014) #1 variant cover by Skottie Young. All-New Marvel NOW! Punisher (2014) #1 animal variant cover by Chris Samnee. All-New Marvel NOW! Punisher (2014) #1 preview page 1 by Mitch Gerads. All-New Marvel NOW! Punisher (2014) #1 preview page 2 by Mitch Gerads. All-New Marvel NOW! Punisher (2014) #1 preview page 3 by Mitch Gerads. All-New Marvel NOW! Punisher (2014) #1 preview page 4 by Mitch Gerads. All-New Marvel NOW!

The Punisher is one of the many new titles as part of the All-New Marvel NOW! publishing initiative.

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