PREVIEW: Savage Wolverine #14.NOW by Richard Isanove

Savage Wolverine is a title that has allowed artists to tell stand alone Wolverine stories that do not strictly tie-in to continuity. This has allowed these artists, many of who are not know for writing, to create stories with unique spins on the character or put him in situations that have not been attempted previously. With Savage Wolverine #14.NOW, Richard Isanove begins his run with a four issue arc set in the 1930s.

Taking place during Prohibition and the Great Depression, Wolverine is working as a bootlegger. By shipping illegal alcohol over the border from Canada Wolverine is able to live a life of anonymity, but that life changes when he finds himself the unexpected caretaker of a group of orphans. He now must defend the orphans from the very people who took their parents, the mob. Savage Wolverine will see Wolverine’s conflict between wishing to stay out of the spotlight and his want to protect the innocent.

Richard Isanove is best known for his work on “The Dark Tower” comics and has a great painted style that matches the tone on narrative. From the heavy blacks to the darker tones, Isanove has created a noir setting that is believable but also true to the character of Wolverine.

Wolverine #14.NOW is a great jumping on point for anyone who has wanted to read Wolverine stories but was not quite sure where to start. As it is set in the past, this story does not reply on any of the continuity which allows for a new reader friendly experience.

Savage Wolverine #14.NOW is available in all good comic stores and digitally from January 8th.

Take a look at the covers, with variants by Phil Noto and Chris Samnee, as well as a three-page preview.

Savage Wolverine #14.NOW cover by Richard Isanove. All-New Marvel NOW! Savage Wolverine #14.NOW variant cover by Phil Noto. All-New Marvel NOW! Savage Wolverine #14.NOW animal variant cover by Chris Smanee. All-New Marvel NOW! Savage Wolverine #14.NOW title page. All-New Marvel NOW! Savage Wolverine #14.NOW preview page 1 by Richard Isanove. All-New Marvel NOW! Savage Wolverine #14.NOW preview page 2 by Richard Isanove. All-New Marvel NOW! Savage Wolverine #14.NOW preview page 3 by Richard Isanove. All-New Marvel NOW!

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