PREVIEW: Manifest Destiny #1 – When Lewis and Clark Fought Monsters

What if Lewis and Clark had discovered more than what the history books had lead us to believe? What if they had also discovered monsters? That is the premise of the new Image series, Manifest Destiny, by Chris Dingess (writer on Being Human) and Matthew Roberts (Battle Pope). Sent on a secret mission by President Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark must do more than explore the vast frontier of America. They must eliminate monsters, allowing for safe expansion of the United States. Expect Manifest Destiny to have action-packed adventure as well as government conspiracies, which is something that Chris Dingness has said interests him. While Manifest Destiny is a piece of historical revisionist fantasy, the series aims to be true to the era. The depictions of the fashions and other visual elements have been well researched – with Matthew Roberts stating that, “I had no clue how in vogue popped up collars were in the early 19th century. That and leather chokers. Researching and drawing all these things is such a turn from drawing shiny, spandexed muscles. I’m having a blast.” If you are a fan of action-packed adventures, monsters or revisionist history then Manifest Destiny is a series you should take a look at. This is a series I have been looking forward to since its announcement at SDCC, and from the preview below, looks like it will be a series to watch out for. Manifest Destiny #1 is out this week on the 13th of November in all good comic book stores as well as digitally. Take a look at the cover by Matthew Roberts and a three page preview below.

Manifest Destiny #1 cover by Matthew Roberts. Manifest Destiny #1 preview page 1 by Matthew Roberts. Manifest Destiny #1 preview page 2 by Matthew Roberts. Manifest Destiny #1 preview page 2 by Matthew Roberts.

Manifest Destiny #1 preview page 4 by Matthew Roberts. Manifest Destiny #1 preview page 5 by Matthew Roberts.

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