PREVIEW: Savage Wolverine #9 by Jock


Savage Wolverine is a title in which Marvel allows respected creators do almost whatever they want with everyone’s favourite mutant. In the first arc we had Savage land story written and drawn by Frank Cho, the second a Wolverine/Spider-Man/Elektra team-up by Zeb Wells and Joe Madureira and starting this week begins Savage Wolverine #9 by Jock.

This arc will tell a science-fiction story in which Wolverine stranded on an alien planet in a far-flung future. With him in unfamiliar territory, will he be able to survive with only his wits and healing factor? Not only will he have to face the harsh alien environment but also various alien beasts.

The Wolverine in this story is significantly older than the one we are used to “…at this point in our story, he’s been around a long time, so he doesn’t take any crap. Not that he ever did, mind you.” It definitely sounds like the Wolverine that everyone knows and loves.

While Jock (the pseudonym for artist Mark Simpson) has done plenty of cover art for Marvel this is his first major interior work for the company. Additionally, it is also the first comic that he has both written and drawn. So it will be interesting to see how his Savage Wolverine story will look when he has complete direction of the narrative.

This story begins with Savage Wolverine #9 and will continue through to issue #11 to form a three-part story. If you are a Wolverine fan, science-fiction or a fan of Jock’s art then you should give Savage Wolverine a try.

Savage Wolverine #9 is out through Marvel Comics on the 2nd of October in all good comics book stores and digitally.

Here is a 4-page preview of the issue as well as the cover and the variant cover by Francesco Francavilla.

Savage Wolverine #9 Cover by Jock. Savage Wolverine #9 Preview Savage Wolverine #9 Variant Cover by Francessco Francavilla. Savage Wolverine #9 Preview Savage Wolverine #9 Preview page 1 by Jock. Savage Wolverine #9 Preview Savage Wolverine #9 Preview page 2 by Jock. Savage Wolverine #9 Preview Savage Wolverine #9 Preview page 3 by Jock. Savage Wolverine #9 Preview Savage Wolverine #9 Preview page 4 by Jock. Savage Wolverine #9 PreviewHave Your Say About Savage Wolverine #9

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