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For the past few years Image Comics has carved a name for themselves by releasing new and interesting creator-owned work from creators big and small. This has come with great success and has allowed them to try new ideas that no other publisher is trying at the moment. Along with releasing great content, they are giving many of their first issues away for free. This allows readers, new and old, a chance to try out a new series freely without any risk. So if you are looking for something new give one these ten free Image comics a try. You never know, you might just find your next favourite series.
Saga #1 cover by Fiona Staples

Saga #1

Star Wars + Game of Thrones + Romeo and Juliet. That is probably the best way to describe Saga. Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples have been able to create a science fiction/fantasy world where anything goes, and usually does. Saga starts with a couple, each from one of two warring races, who fall in love and decide to desert the war. After having a child together, Alana and Marko are on the run from those who want to kill them and their child.

This first issue is twice the size of a regular issue and is great at establishing the characters and universe. Saga is a series I recommend for mature readers only as it has swearing, sexual themes and the occasional violence.

Read Saga #1

The Manhattan Projects #1 cover

The Manhattan Projects #1

Created by Marvel architect Jonathan Hickman and artist Nick Pitarra, this series tells fictional story of the Manhattan Projects. After World War II the world’s brightest minds get together to develop all kinds of great things. But what if they didn’t stop with the atomic bomb? Unknowing to the public they continued to develop all kinds of things, many of which fall into the realms of science fiction.

This free Image comic is for anyone who likes alternative history and/or high concept science-fiction.

Read The Manhattan Projects #1

chew #1 cover by Rob Guillory

Chew #1

Set in a world where chicken is illegal, Chew is definitely the strangest free Image comic on this list. It is now treated like an illegal drug and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) crackdown on the selling and trafficking of it. Additionally, the main character – Tony Chu – is a cibopath, which means he gets psychic impressions from the food he eats. Throw in plenty of humour, cannibalism and a buddy cop element and you have Chew.

Although Chew has a cartoony art-style, I would not recommend it for children.

Read Chew #1

Fatale #1 by Sean Phillips

Fatale #1

The dream team of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are back again for Fatale – a series that is one part crime noir the other Lovecraftian horror. The series jumps back and forth between different time periods as it follows Josephine, a femme fatale who is seemingly immortal, and the men that she has encountered. Fatale includes plenty of cults, organised crime, sex and monsters.

Read Fatale #1

Thief of Thieves cover by Shawn Martinbrough

Thief of Thieves #1

From the mind of The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, comes Thief of Thieves. Conrad Paulson is a retired master thief, but certain circumstances have come up where retirement may no longer be an option. Will come out of retirement or has he left that world behind?

Thief of Thieves is written in an interesting manner that was inspired by the writer’s room of The Walking Dead TV series. Plotted by Robert Kirkman and group of writers, each story arc is written by a different writer of the team. Issue is written by Robert Kirkman and Nick Spencer.

Read Thief of Thieves #1

Comeback #1 by Michael Walsh

Comeback #1

Mark is one of the many agents that work at Reconnect – a time travelling company. Reconnect sends agents back in time so they can prevent loved ones from dying so that they can be reunited in the future. Although, is Mark really saving lives?

Comeback is a 5 issue mini-series written by Ed Brisson with art by current X-Files: Season 10 artist Michael Walsh.

Read Comeback #1

The Darkness #1 by Marc Silvestri

The Darkness #1

The oldest comic of this list of free Image comics, The Darkness was a series that was quite popular in the latter half of the 90s. The series is about a Mafia hitman who posses an ancient elemental force known as “The Darkness.” With this power he is able access a demonic dimension and control the demons from it do his bidding.

If you are a fan of the two video games based on the series then it is worth checking out.

Read The Darkness #1

Mind the Gap #1 by Rodin Esquejo

Mind the Gap #1

In a coma, after being mysteriously attacked, Ellie is able to take her conscience to the Spirit World. She has no memories but she is able to spy on the real world which she uses to attempt to piece together who she is and why she was attacked.

Mind the Gap #1 is like Donnie Darko in the sense that with every read you will get you a greater perspective of the narrative. Better yet, at 50 pages this free Image comic will give you plenty of reading value beyond what other comics offer.

Read Mind the Gap #1

Peter Panzerfaust #1 cover by Tyler Jenkins

Peter Panzerfaust #1

Peter Panzerfaust is a unique interpretation of the classic Peter Pan story in World War II, which follows the mysterious Peter and a group of French orphans. They must work together in order escape the city of Calais and survive the war.

Peter Panzerfaust is a series that has slowly been rising in popularity and will eventually have a live-action adaptation from the BBC.

Read Peter Panzerfaust #1

Li'l Depressed Boy #1 cover by Sina Grace - Free Image Comics

The Li’l Depressed Boy #1

The Li’l Depressed Boy is a romance in a similar vein to (500) Days of Summer. It follows the adventures of a sack-boy as he attempts to find love. Li’l Depressed Boy is shy, a loner and soft-spoken but when he meets a girl will all that change?

Li’l Depressed Boy is a heart-warming series that shows comics don’t always have to be about super heroics, robots and/or zombies.

Read Li’l Depressed Boy #1

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