Trinity War Reading Order Checklist – Your Guide to the Trinity War


Trinity War is DC Comics’ large scale comic event for 2013, set to a large scale story involving a large cast of characters. This event will pit three different Justice League teams against each other while the existence of the universe as they know it is at stake from the mysterious Pandora. The outcome of this crossover will effect the entire universe and will definitely impact many of DC’s comic series in the aftermath. If you want to know more about what to expect from Trinity War you can read this interview with editor Brian Cunningham.  

As Trinity War is a crossover it can always be a little confusing as to the reading order as well as which comics tie-in to the main plot so I have created the Trinity War reading order checklist below to make it easy. This checklist shows a recommended reading order for Trinity War as well as listing the dates of release* for each of the issues.
DC Comics Trinity War checklistAbove is the recommended reading order of the crossover event according to DC Comics. If your funds are limited then you can simply read parts 1-6 and you should get a full story. The tie-ins will either tell a side story to the event or show events from another perspective and are not essential but if you are looking for every angle of the crossover you should check them out.

*Dates listed were correct at the time of creation of the checklist and could potentially change due to unforeseeable reasons.

You can view reading order checklists for other events/crossover here.

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2 years 4 months ago

thanks for the correct reading order list I have them but haven’t started reading yet.