Based on the game by American McGee’s Spicy Horse Games, Akaneiro is a unique fusion of Little Red Riding Hood and Japanese folklore. Written by Justin Aclin (Hero House and Star Wars) with art by Vasilis Lolos (Conan the Barbarian, The Last Call), Akaneiro tells the story of Kani. Torn between two worlds she must head out on an adventure in order to battle Yōkai, Japanese demon/ghosts that can appear in many forms, in order to save her world.

Reading the preview it is clear that you do not need any prior knowledge of Japanese folklore or the video game. This makes Akaneiro a good jumping on point for a new comic to read or if you have have been interested in the game.

This is a 3 issue mini series with the first issue released this week, May 22nd, in all good comic book stores and digitally through Dark Horse Comics.

Below is the cover and a preview of the first 6 pages.

Akaneiro #1 of 3 Cover Akaneiro #1 of 3 preview page 1 Akaneiro #1 of 3 preview page 2 Akaneiro #1 of 3 preview page 3 Akaneiro #1 of 3 preview page 4 Akaneiro #1 of 3 preview page 5 Akaneiro #1 of 3 preview page 6

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