Comic Book Storage Solutions

Comic Book Storage Solutions.

The hobby of reading and collecting comics, while enjoyable, can consume a lot of space: filling up man-caves, bedrooms and bookshelves. If you’re new to comics you might not be sure how to store your comics in an efficient manner and even more seasoned collectors can find this a daunting task as their collection grows. These comic book storage solutions aim to help keep your collection stored in a manner that will be kept in great condition, while consuming less space. With a little effort you will no longer have piles upon piles of comics all over the house allowing for free space for other important things – like more comics!

Keep in mind that you will need to tailor these solutions to your own needs.

Bags and Boards

If you are serious about keeping your comics in good condition then you need to bag and board them. This process involves getting comic sized slip bags and placing your comic inside them. A backing board is then placed behind the comic in the bag, keeping it flat and rigid.

comic books bagged and board - comic book storage solutions

Some of my comics bagged and board.

By having your comics bagged and board your comic will not get damaged, whether this be while in storage, through rifling through your collection or if you want to transport your comics. It will also keep a level of moisture away from comics which will damage your comics – especially older comics that are made from cheaper paper. They also allow for your comics to be flat and also stand straight and easier to be stored in a box, or book shelf.

Bags and boards are easy to come by and should be found at any good comic book store.

Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are very sturdy cardboard boxes that are the most common form of storage. These boxes come in two different sizes with names that are self-explanatory, shortboxes and longboxes. A shortbox will fit roughly 150-200* comics, while a longbox will fit 200-250*. If you have a large collection longboxes are the way to go, although keep in mind that when full they are quite heavy and difficult to carry. If you have a smaller collection then shortboxes are totally fine.

comic book storage box - comic book storage solutions

Some of my comics in a storage box.

An advantage of of these sturdy boxes are they they are built to take great weight so they can be stacked on top of each other. Although I would use your best judgement as to how many you tack on top of each other. I also suggest these boxes over regular cardboard boxes as they built quite solid and to the right dimensions for comic books.

While the cardboard boxes are the most popular, there is also a corrugated plastic variety that is more durable. Even though it a bit more pricey I would highly recommend investing in them if you are storing your comics in a basement, attic or garage as it will withstand the elements much more successfully. The last thing you want is your comic box falling apart or leaking because it has been in a moist or humid environment.

Filing Cabinet

This solution is a little bit more off-beat and expensive but quite effective if set up correctly. Having a filing cabinet to store comics allows for you to store hundreds of comics in a space effective manner. As the draws slide out, a filing cabinet is great for easy accessing the comics you are looking for. Like mentioned before it is a much more pricey solution so I suggest tracking down a second-hand cabinet. Check classifieds and used office furniture stores and you might find one at a good price.

An example of using a filing cabinet to store comics books - comic book storage solutions

An example of using a filing cabinet to store comics. Source: Robot 6.

To find out more about storing your comics in a filing cabinet click here.


This is a solution I came across while browsing reddit. Essentially, this form of storage is getting a portion of your collection and having it bound into on hardback volume. The end result looks similar to an encyclopaedia volume and can be easily stored on the shelf. From the examples I have seen many collect creative runs or whole series, which allows the comics to be all in the one place.

An example of comic book binding. The New Warriors - comic book storage solutions

An example of comic book binding. Source: photo taken by reddit user citizenzac.

Binding is a great idea if you enjoy comics more for reading than collecting, as by having them bound will ruin any value they may have. Although, I would recommend that you do this with a large collection of comics as the process is not particularly cheap.

Plastic Accordion File Folders

I came across this idea recently and it’s one that I think could really suit those who have a smaller collection and don’t really go through the trouble of bagging an boarding. You can read more about it here.

Where Do I Store My Comics?

If you want to keep your comics in the best condition possible you need to consider where you store your comics. Places you need to avoid include; garages, sheds, basements and attics. Essentially anywhere in which there is exposure to heat and/or moisture is a no go. The best place to store your comics is in a dry, dark place like a spare room, wardrobe or cupboard. Trade paperback and hardcovers are generally stored on a book shelf, like you would do with a regular book or novel.

How Do I Organise My Comics?

If you want to organise your comic book collection but not sure how I have written a handy guide which will help you greatly. As part of the research I organised my own collection, which allowed me to make all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Need Inspiration?

If you need some inspiration or looking for a comic book storage solution that is a little bit different, check out the Robot 6 column, Shelf Porn. Shelf Porn is a showcase of people’s collections, man-caves and collection rooms and is always great to look at.

Feel free to leave your experiences with comic book storage solutions in the comments below.

* These figures will depend on the number of pages of the comics and more importantly if the comic is bagged and board or not.

You can find even more comic book storage solutions in this fantastic article I was quoted in on A great article for those considering storing their comics in a storage unit.

How Do You Store Your Comics?

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Trevor Van As is the founder and head writer of How to Love Comics and has been reading comics monthly since 2006. When he is not reading or talking about comics he can be found eating yogurt and watching Power Rangers.

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Tony Stark
Tony Stark
3 months 14 days ago

should I keep the plastic covers that the comics come in?

15 days 1 hour ago

A lot of sellers will put all comics in silver age bags so they don’t have to use several different kinds of bags, this saves them time and money. These bags can actually damage your bronze and current age comics because they slide around in there and bump the corners. It’s best to put your comics in proper fitting bags as soon as you can.

sal taormina
sal taormina
3 months 18 days ago

I just made myself a comic box out of a regular cardboard shipping box however i was told that these boxes absorb moisture. Is that true or should I be ok for a little while? At least until I can get myself an actual comic box. have all my comics bagged and boarded.

6 months 27 days ago

I am thinking of setting up my room like a comic book store. I like the idea with the boxes but do you have any other ideas.

8 months 14 days ago

where can i buy and how much comic cabinet

8 months 26 days ago

How many boxes can be stacked on top of each other safely? Is there a different number of boxes, depending on if they are short or long boxes? Thanks!