PREVIEW: Archie #1 – Riverdale Has Been Rebooted For a New Generation

After 75 years of publication Archie is being rebooted for a new generation. This rebooted series will strip back the Archie gang to their core and rebuild them with fresh, modern, takes. Behind it all is the superstar creative team of Mark Waid and Fiona Staples, which makes this even more exciting! Read on to find more about this rebooted series as well as read a four page preview.

11 Comics You Should Read in July 2015

Each month I like to showcase a batch of new comics that you should be reading. I try and make it varied, mixing up creative ideas, genres and different storytelling to have a list that will appeal to everyone. This month we have rebooted teenagers, Billy Dee Williams, a cosmic crossover, a cyborg, powered up heroes and more.

Mini Review Round Up: June 2015 Edition

Sometimes, I just don’t have time to do a full review of recent comics on the site. But with so many great new comics coming out every week I wanted to at least give out some kind of recommendation. Thus, the mini-review was born. Check out mini reviews for an awesome batch of comics, as well as an oddball one, inside!

Artist of the Week #10: Becky Cloonan

This week I feature Becky Cloonan, best known for her fantastic work in a variety of fantasy genres. Take a look at a gallery of her beautiful work as well as some reading recommendations inside.

REVIEW: Ant-Man Volume 1: Second Chance Man

If you’re looking to read Ant-Man in anticipation for the upcoming movie I can highly recommend Ant-Man Volume 1: Second Chance Man. Full of humour and character development, it’s a great jumping-on-point for new readers. Read on to find out more.

Artist of the Week #9: Skottie Young

This week’s artist is cartoonist Skottie Young! His uniquely vibrant style has become a favourite for many, with many people requesting me to feature him in this column. Take a look at a gallery of his fun work as well as some reading recommendations inside.

Black Canary, Old and New: Six Books You Should Read

Dinah Lance is a rock star in Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu’s new BLACK CANARY ongoing series! She’s been a Justice League founder, a Bird of Prey, Oliver Queen’s wife, and possibly the best martial artist in all of the DCU. Here’s six more great Black Canary books worth checking out!

Artist of the Week #8: Jamie McKelvie

After some time off, the Artist of the Week feature is back! This week I feature the expressive Jamie McKelvie, who’s best known for his art on The Wicked + The Divine and many others. Take a look at a gallery inside and some reading recommendations.

5 Comics About Dinosaurs You Should Read

With the release of Jurassic World this week everyone’s gone a little dino-crazy! I can’t blame them, dinosaurs are pretty cool. Luckily it’s not only the big screen that gets all the dinosaur action, comics are in on it too! Inside are 5 comics featuring dinosaurs that you should read. Each pick has it’s own flavour to these magnificent beasts and should definitely keep you on a dinosaur high after seeing Jurassic World.

The Comics You Should Read This June 2015

After a short break from this column, the monthly comics you should read list is back! This June I showcase all kinds of comics featuring ancient dinosaurs, plants that fight zombies, everyone’s favourite space tree, a long distance relationship, 1990’s nostalgia and much more!

Superman: Truth Reading Guide

In June Superman’s life is getting a huge shake-up with his identity exposed, a new costume and him coming to terms with a new power which all leaves him essentially human for short periods of time. These changes will be explored in the upcoming “Truth” storylines, which will encompass Superman, Action Comics, Batman/Superman and Superman/Wonder Woman. To make this Superman event easier to digest I have created the Superman: Truth Reading Guide, which lists all the titles involved, lead-in titles, dates, creative teams and more.

FREE COMICS: The Beautifully Dark “Death Vigil” by Stjepan Sejic

Earlier in the month Stjepan Sejic put has put up his charming dark fantasy, Death Vigil, up online for free. The intention of doing so is to get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible in order to keep the series alive, and further than the originally intended 8 issues. From there there readers can decide if they enjoyed the series and pick it up digitally or when the trade paperback comes out in July. I’m here to tell you where you can find these free issues and, hopefully, in the process help you discover what could be your new favorite comic.