REVIEW: Universe! #1 by Albert Monteys and Panel Syndicate

By Trevor Van As on November 23, 2014

Panel Syndicate has been a outlet for Brian K Vaughan and Marcos Martin to release digital comics at a “pay what you want” price, but this week sees them open the site to other creators. The first to join is cartoonist Albert Monteys, who has crafted a great science fiction time travel story in Universe! #1. Read a review inside.

Who are the Inhumans?

By Trevor Van As on November 18, 2014

With a movie announced as part Marvel Studio’s Phase 3 there are plenty of people who are asking “who are the Inhumans?” Though this guide you will be enlightened on everything you need to know about the Inhumans including major characters, concepts and reading recommendations.

When are Comics and Graphic Novels Released?

By Trevor Van As on November 11, 2014

If you can’t wait to dive into more comics but not sure when new comics and graphic novels are released then this article is for you. I cover when comics are released in comic book stores as well as digitally to cater to all kinds of readers.

The Prologue for ODY-C by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward Looks Amazing

By Trevor Van As on November 5, 2014

ODY-C has been slowly become one of the most anticipated and cosmicly surreal series coming out of Image Comics. Written by Matt Fraction (Hawkeye, Sex Criminals) and art by Christian Ward (Infinite Vacation), ODY-C is a psychedelic, gender-bent, science fiction adaptation of Homer’s The Odyssey. Recently a prologue for this issue was made available online and it is pretty amazing. Click to read it here.

Free Comic Round Up #3: Supernatural and Horror Edition

By Trevor Van As on October 28, 2014

With Halloween later in the week I thought I would share some of the great horror and Supernatural comics that are freely, and legally, available to read. This list of free horror comics has a lot of variety with large range of different kinds of scares. There are vampires, demons, zombies, swamp creatures, home invaders and even Batman. Just don’t blame me if you can’t sleep at night.

PREVIEW: Sonic Boom #1 – Racing into a Comic Store Near You

By Trevor Van As on October 26, 2014

With the a new video game and animated series that aim to revamp Sonic the Hedgehog for a new era, Archie Comics will release Sonic Boom #1 this week. This fun new comic series will be in the approach of the revamped Sonic the Hedgehog, which will still feature plenty of action but also have a comedic bend to it. Take a peek at the humour filled preview for this debut issue.

REVIEW: Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #1

By Trevor Van As on October 14, 2014

Its time for the Twelfth Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, to make his debut in comics with Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #1. Written by Robbie Morrison and art by Dave Taylor, this new Doctor Who series is an interesting story which fans of the new Doctor will enjoy.

Green Lantern: Godhead Reading Order Checklist

By Trevor Van As on October 11, 2014

It’s Green Lanterns vs New Gods in the latest Green Lantern crossover, Godhead. I have created a Green Lantern: Godshead reading order checklist which gives the recommended reading order plus all the release dates and creative teams.

PREVIEW: Copperhead #1 – A Science Fiction Western With Mystery

By Trevor Van As on September 9, 2014

Transport yourself to the 24th century with Copperhead by writer Jay Faerber, artist Scott Godlewski and published by Image Comics. Copperhead is no ordinary science fiction series, mixing elements of western in a similar vein to Firefly. It is also one of mystery, not only with the female protagonist, Clara, but also with the community that surrounds her. Take a look at a preview of this new series inside.

How to Love Comics Has Been Nominated For The 2014 Blogster Awards! Please Vote!

By Trevor Van As on September 7, 2014

Just like the title the title says, How to Love Comics has been nominated for a 2014 Blogster Award in the Tech/Media/Design category! For those who are unfamiliar with the Blogster Awards they are a series of awards by that recognise the hard work of Bloggers in a range of fields. Click to find out how you can vote and spread the word.

Death of Wolverine Reading Order Checklist

By Trevor Van As on September 2, 2014

WOLVERINE IS DEAD! Well not yet, but he will be in September. And after September come a variety of comics that deal with the aftermath of his death. In order to make sense of everything I have created the Death of Wolverine Reading Order Checklist, which includes all the dates and creative teams too.

Avengers & X-Men: AXIS Reading Order Checklist

By Trevor Van As on August 30, 2014

Big Marvel events can be confusing. With all the tie-ins and additional miniseries it can be difficult to know what ties-in and what should be read. That’s why I have made the Avengers & X-Men: AXIS Reading Order Checklist to make things easier. This includes all the issues involved, but also release dates and creative teams.

REVIEW: Charley’s War – A Boy Soldier in the Great War

By Trevor Van As on August 28, 2014

A review for Charley’s War – a Boy Soldier in the Great War, which has changed my opinion on war comics. This classic British strip follows an underage soldier in World War I and is full of action and heart racing heroics, but at the same time is heavily critical of both sides of the conflict.