7 Luke Cage Stories You Should Read

If you’ve seen him kicking ass on Netflix and are curious about the comic books he has starred in then this is the list for you! In it, I’ve put together 7 Luke Cage stories you should read. From his blaxploitation roots of the early 70s to team-ups with Iron Fist and some of his more recent outings, this list includes a variety of stories to sink you teeth into.

Double Review: Briggs Land #1 and #2

Written by Brian Wood; art by Mack Chatter; colours by Lee Loughridge; letters by Nate Pikos and published by Dark Horse Comics, Briggs Land is a new series about a community of anti-government secessionists and the consequences of their actions.

How to Love Manga: Barrage

Learn about the author of My Hero Academia and how his second ever published manga made such a big impact in the west. Barrage tells the tale of an orphan becoming a prince through happenstance and must save his world. Though the manga was a failure, it still holds value for fans of unique art and author Kouhei Horikoshi.

Where Do I Start Reading Suicide Squad?

Whether you loved the movie and want to read more or hated it and want to see how it should be, you might be thinking to yourself “where do I start reading Suicide Squad comics?” Luckily with this guide I’ve taken out the guess work by offering a handful of fantastic places to start reading.