How to Love Manga: Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma (NSFW)

Soma is a talented chef who must survive in his new cut-throat culinary school. Chefs compete against each other through cooking competitions called Shokugeki over whose dish is the best. Soma and his friends battle with food to become the best in the school and follow their dreams of becoming professional chefs.

How To Organise Your Comic Book Collection

Comic book collections, big or small, can get out of hand and require some organising. I’ve recently organised my own collection and have made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. Through my experience I’ve imparted my wisdom so you can organise your collection effectively and efficiently.

The 10 Best Comics of 2015 According to the Readers

Throughout December I asked the How to Love Comics Community to vote for the comics and graphic novels that they loved in 2015. Many of you voted and as a result there were more than 120 different comics voted for. Continue reading to find what made the top 10.

Suicide Squad (New 52 Era and Beyond) Reading Order Guide

With the upcoming Suicide Squad movie I’ve received a lot of questions as to where is the best place to start with these villainous misfits. Due to a number of reasons, see inside, I recommend the New 52 era and New Suicide Squad as great places to start reading and have created a reading order guide to make reading really easy.

FREE COMICS: Adam Warren’s Empowered Is Now Serialised Online

While Empowered might be described as a “sexy” superhero comic, it stands out from all the others through it’s use of character and humour. While it was originally being released in a series of graphic novels, Empowered has moved to an online serialisation which can be read for free. Find out more about this series and where you can read it inside.

15 Comics You Should Be Reading This December 2015

Every month I highlight a batch of new comics which might be worth your attention and are new-reader friendly. This December there’s lasagne monsters, bat/turtle team-ups, know-it-alls, job-hunting heroes, World War II pilots and creepy insect women.

Robin War Reading Order Checklist

I have created a handy reading order checklist for the latest Bat-related crossover, Robin War. The reading order is jam packed with plenty of helpful details such as a list of all the comics involved, release dates and creative teams.