Mini Review Round Up: July Edition

Every month I like to do a compilation of mini comic reviews for comics that are new reader friendly. This July we see a wide range of comics featured including odd crossovers, rebooted teenagers, Canada at war with the US, wild west heroes, 90s nostalgia, TV talk show antics and much more.

INTERVIEW: Jeremy Haun Talks About “The Beauty” We All Want

I caught up with co-writer and artist Jeremy Haun about The Beauty – a comic series set in a world where beauty is an STD everyone wants, but has a horrible consequence – to find out a bit more about it. I also asked him about the process of creating the comic and an interesting piece of marketing for the series.

REVIEW: The Very Charming and Relatable “Soppy” by Philippa Rice

Soppy by Philippa Rice is a very charming autobiographical romance/slice of life comic concerning the cartoonist’s experiences living with her partner and the small moments they share together. But before you run off (I know some of you will be scared off by the word romance, but stay with me) I want to tell you why Soppy is better than all the other romance fiction out there.

Artist of the Week #13: J.H Williams III

This week’s feature artist is surreal J.H Williams III, best know for his experimental comic book art on series such as Batwoman, The Sandman, Batman and others. Take a look inside for a gallery of his work and reading recommendations.

How to Love Manga: One-Punch Man

The world is under attack, and humanities only hope is a poor superhero with a store bought costume. Saitama is the greatest hero no one has ever heard of who destroys every opponent with just one punch. Read on to learn about this goofy take on the superhero genre from Japan.

Artist of the Week #12: John Romita Jr.

This week’s Artist of the Week is Mr Marvel himself, John Romita Jr. Over the past few decades he has worked on almost every Marvel character and is now working on Superman over at DC Comic. Take a look at a gallery and reading recommendations inside.

PREVIEW: Invader Zim #1 – The “Returnening” of Zim!

Invader Zim is back and is invading the pages of his own comic. Fans of the cult animated series will want to check this out as the comic will be worked on by creatives involved with the show – including Zim creator Jhonen Vasquez. Find out more and read a 4-page preview inside.

Artist of the Week #11: David Aja

This week I feature Spanish artist David Aja, best known for his art on the fantastic Hawkeye. Take a look at a gallery of his work as well as some reading recommendations inside.

PREVIEW: Archie #1 – Riverdale Has Been Rebooted For a New Generation

After 75 years of publication Archie is being rebooted for a new generation. This rebooted series will strip back the Archie gang to their core and rebuild them with fresh, modern, takes. Behind it all is the superstar creative team of Mark Waid and Fiona Staples, which makes this even more exciting! Read on to find more about this rebooted series as well as read a four page preview.

11 Comics You Should Read in July 2015

Each month I like to showcase a batch of new comics that you should be reading. I try and make it varied, mixing up creative ideas, genres and different storytelling to have a list that will appeal to everyone. This month we have rebooted teenagers, Billy Dee Williams, a cosmic crossover, a cyborg, powered up heroes and more.

Mini Review Round Up: June 2015 Edition

Sometimes, I just don’t have time to do a full review of recent comics on the site. But with so many great new comics coming out every week I wanted to at least give out some kind of recommendation. Thus, the mini-review was born. Check out mini reviews for an awesome batch of comics, as well as an oddball one, inside!

Artist of the Week #10: Becky Cloonan

This week I feature Becky Cloonan, best known for her fantastic work in a variety of fantasy genres. Take a look at a gallery of her beautiful work as well as some reading recommendations inside.

REVIEW: Ant-Man Volume 1: Second Chance Man

If you’re looking to read Ant-Man in anticipation for the upcoming movie I can highly recommend Ant-Man Volume 1: Second Chance Man. Full of humour and character development, it’s a great jumping-on-point for new readers. Read on to find out more.