Your Guide To ResurrXion – Marvel’s New Line Of X-Men Comics

To keep track of everything I have put together a guide for ResurrXion, which details everything that you need to know about these new x-Men comics. The aim is to answer any questions you might have and help you dive into these awesome characters. It will be updated regularly when more information is available.

How to Love Manga: Tokyo Ghoul

In a world where humanity is at war with flesh eating monsters known as ghouls, a young boy is about to be thrust into the middle. After almost being killed by the girl he likes when she turns out to be one of these ghouls, Kaneki is transformed into a half-ghoul using her organs and he must learn how to remain human while haunted by an unending hunger for flesh.

24 DC Comics Jumping On Points For October 2016

From brand new series launching out of the Young Animal imprint; series launching on the tail-end of the Rebirth initiative; a stack of new miniseries and new stories of current series, there are heaps of new places to start reading DC Comics in October. 24 places to be precise. Read on to find out which DC comics are new reader friendly in October.

24 Marvel Jumping On Points For October 2016

This month we see a slew of new series, jumping on points for comics that have been running for a little while and even a classic 1970’s reprint. Read on to find out which Marvel comics are new reader friendly in October.

7 Luke Cage Stories You Should Read

If you’ve seen him kicking ass on Netflix and are curious about the comic books he has starred in then this is the list for you! In it, I’ve put together 7 Luke Cage stories you should read. From his blaxploitation roots of the early 70s to team-ups with Iron Fist and some of his more recent outings, this list includes a variety of stories to sink you teeth into.

Double Review: Briggs Land #1 and #2

Written by Brian Wood; art by Mack Chatter; colours by Lee Loughridge; letters by Nate Pikos and published by Dark Horse Comics, Briggs Land is a new series about a community of anti-government secessionists and the consequences of their actions.